As Oriflame, we continue to make a more positive impact both in the world and in our country.


We interviewed Ebru Erkan Ayanoglu, CEO of Oriflame in Turkey, who has been inspired by nature since the day the company was founded and helps women and men create their own unique style, following modern technologies and trends both in our country and around the world. We asked him what interests us in such things. Here are the details of our inspiring interview:

1. Could you tell us about Oriflame’s business model and the opportunities you offer with this business model?

As Oriflame, we have been one of the most important players in the direct selling sector for over 60 years in the world and 31 years in Turkey. We continue to offer unique business opportunities to men and women from all over the world with our products, which we produce in accordance with modern technologies and trends with respect for nature.

At Oriflame, we offer the opportunity to become a Brand Partner and earn from day one to everyone. As part of a global company, Oriflame Brand Partners can set their own working hours and decide for themselves when, where and how they want to work. In addition to earning, they also have the opportunity to travel the world. By participating in international conferences organized by Oriflame, they can explore different countries and cities, as well as benefit from their experience by meeting Brand Partners from all over the world.

As you know, the issue of entrepreneurship is in the foreground, especially among new generations. In this sense, the direct selling industry offers a huge opportunity to all entrepreneurial spirits who want to start their own business. And with “0” risk and “0” investment value.

2. As a Swedish company, can you tell us about Oriflame’s commitment to nature and your sustainability efforts?

Since the day we were founded, we have been a company inspired by nature… In addition to being one of the first companies in the world to use natural extracts in cosmetic products, we act with an understanding of nature at every stage, starting with the ingredients of the product. to the packaging.

When we look at Oriflame’s attitude towards nature and products, we can easily say that we are confident that all products are safe and that they are responsible for the environment and people during the manufacturing process. For example, we prefer to use natural extracts in our products instead of synthetic ingredients. We protect our water resources by using naturally occurring cleaners such as almond shells, fruit seeds, olive seed powder, instead of micro-plastic particles in our cleansing products.

Aiming to become a leading company in the sector in terms of sustainability, we started our work much earlier than many companies in this sector. With the help of our sustainability strategy, we are trying to systematically reduce our impact on nature, especially since 2010. We have been using renewable energy in all of our facilities since 2018, and our search for the new and sustainable continues, from packaging to the ingredients we use. As a result of these efforts, we were included in the Financial Times’ European Climate Leaders 2022 list last year. With the goals that we set for ourselves as a company, we continue to work non-stop, demonstrating an environmental approach day by day.

3. Oriflame is a Swedish brand and as the Turkish arm of the brand, how would you compare the two countries in terms of the opportunities this industry provides for women?

While the female employment rate in Turkey is 32.8%, in Sweden the rate is 56.6%. If we look at these figures, we can say that we, as Turkey, have a long way to go. When we study the proportion of women in the direct selling sector, we see that it is 70% in Turkey, which shows that there are more than 1 million women in the direct selling sector. The numbers prove that the direct selling industry offers an important earning opportunity especially for women in Turkey and women are taking advantage of this opportunity. The direct selling sector also opens its doors to anyone who wants to improve themselves without any educational level criteria. Considering that the share of women graduating from universities in Turkey is approximately 18.5%, we can understand how important the employment opportunities offered by the direct selling sector are for women who cannot find work in other fields. Through our digital tools we are developing, we are also offering women the opportunity to continue all their business processes in a digital environment if they so choose.

Especially since the pandemic, our propensity to use social media and online shopping has increased. Now, with our new cutting-edge digital tools, you can grow your customer base through online shopping, as well as add new brand partners to your team that you can support to generate additional income with online registration opportunities.

4. What advice would you give to female candidates and young people at the start of their career path to success?

My first and, in my opinion, the most important advice to young people, especially girls, is to dream about yourself. The goal that will lead to this dream, and the work that will lead to this goal, is certainly an extension of the dream. My second piece of advice is to be patient. Although young people want to quickly climb the corporate ladder, there is time to digest any role. My third piece of advice is to be bold. Don’t be afraid to try new things or fail, ignore those who say you can’t by letting go of your preconceptions about yourself. Every defeat brings experience. Fourth, let them do work that makes them happy and serves a good purpose. Work with high social responsibility brings satisfaction not only materially, but also morally. My fifth piece of advice: if they have a choice, they should always try to work with better and more experienced teammates. Greater success comes when good teams work together rather than just focusing on individual success.

Finally, I have one more piece of advice, especially for young women… Keeping a balance between family and work is quite possible. In fact, having children can not only interfere with a woman’s business life, but also increase her motivation. At this point, women should not go into conscious problems, thinking that by starting a family, they are stealing this time from the family, especially from children.

5. You have been with Oriflame for over 18 years, what motivates you in this regard?

Even before I started working at Oriflame, I knew that this company is a special company that touches the lives of millions of people, offers equal opportunity to everyone, and at the same time gives family warmth. In fact, in 18 years of work, I was able to see and experience it firsthand. In this company, you will gain the power to change and beautify life by touching heart with heart. I love my country very much and am proud to be part of a company that empowers the women of my country to be productive and stand on their own two feet.

In these difficult times, after the devastating earthquakes of recent times, Oriflame is more than ever committed to making a positive impact on our society and country. I was more impressed to see that he was part of a close knit family. We have taken action to help everyone affected by earthquakes from day one. As part of this long-term process, we will of course continue our relief efforts. But the truth is, we need to work harder than ever before. In order to heal our wounds, to give more support to those who are left behind, and to raise them morally and materially by the power of labor.

Since joining Oriflame, we have many touching and proud stories, from leaders who have become lights to thousands of their counterparts in Turkey, recognized on the global stage and inspired by sharing their success stories on stage in front of tens of thousands from work who they performed from their homes. I am sure that these stories will grow as long as Oriflame exists and we continue to recognize these opportunities and we will be more and more proud of them every day.

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