Are Your Apology Scales Correct?


People do not apologize to me, I apologize for everything that happened, on their behalf for what they did to me, and on my own behalf for opening this space to them …

I’m sorry, sorry for disrespecting me, for not calling me and asking me, for not loving me, for yelling at me.
I’m sure I did something that drove you crazy, I made you tired, I upset you, I forced you, I demanded and I was too much for you. First of all, I came too much for you!
I’m sorry.
I had to disappear without even breathing..
I disturbed you with my presence.
I’m sorry.

I myself apologize to you; Because you do not disappear, because I find you at any moment with the fear of losing you and limit your every movement.
I’m sorry for showing you such respect.
I’m sorry I underestimated your love.
I’m sorry for devaluing your feelings not worth 5 for saying that and messing with the tip of my foot…
I’m sorry.

Forgive me for not apologizing to anyone else. Because I will not succumb to the fear of loss and will cover your shortcomings.
Forgive me for leaving you on your conscience.
Everyone should be responsible for their actions, carry their own scales of conscience, I’m sorry, I won’t bear it anymore.
I am not a scale, I am not your scale.
I am my own scale…

Sorry, this is the last stop!
I will no longer close your eyes so that you are not afraid of what you see when you look in the mirror. I’m not going to step in and apologize so you don’t get upset about what you see.
I will not lay down on myself to compensate for the possible pain of others.
I will not make myself invisible again and again so that no one gets hurt, so that he does not come across to me indirectly.

Maybe, on the one hand, I apologize for my arrogance.
I am sincerely sorry that I stood between you and you, saw you weak and in need of protection.
I’m sorry to see that my fear of loss, my fear of conflict, my fear of being alone is more valuable than your confrontation.
I’m sorry.

Nobody apologized to me.
Because there was no need, I immediately took it from them, apologized instead of them.
I have always apologized for cheating, for devaluing, for pushing them into the background, for not respecting what I gave, for pretending that nothing happened.

Now I’m talking about justice!
I’m the one who violates justice, my scales weigh wrong.
Now I made the settings, now I fixed the connections.

Everyone can use the apology in their pocket for themselves. It’s been a long time since mine ran out, my apologies are being saved until new ones pile up…

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