Are you sure you want to suspend happiness?


“Let this week pass, I will find time for myself, let’s get through these difficult days, I will go to places I want to see, I will be very happy after I change jobs, everything will be fine after I move, I I will wear my new dress on a special day, I will learn to relax when I earn more money … ” What do you think many of these discourses have in common? If these sentences hold a big place in your life for you; ‘postpone life‘Can we say?

the habit of procrastinating When we talk (procrastinate), most of us think about what needs to be done, about responsibility, but what about happiness? Our delays in happiness what will happen… Most of us do it; We postpone our happiness until a magical date in the future when something big happens that we want and we allow ourselves to be happy. Yes he’big thing’ whatever it is, our lives could be a lot better when it happens, but really until then Do we want to suspend our happiness?

Happiness is not a resource-limited phenomenon where we experience scarcity on earth; that is, we cannot consume it, we cannot erase it from the world; Happiness is enough for everyone, even more. So where does this stinginess, frugality, poverty of consciousness come from? Why shouldn’t we be happy today and tomorrow, why should we put off happiness; What if something happens that we didn’t expect while waiting for this “big event” to happen? Are earthquakes, destruction, great pain and loss not enough to make us realize that our time is not as eternal as we thought? For the things we want to do when we wake up one morning What if we find that we don’t have time? If we have nowhere to wear our favorite dress, if we can’t change jobs or homes, if we can’t earn more money, or if our friends with whom we want to go on vacation are no longer with us… Then what will happen? Will we postpone our happiness to a later date?

An important tip that you should always keep in mind; ‘Happiness is like any other habit: the more you practice, the more natural it becomes.says Lisa Earl Macleod, famous author of The Triangle of Truth. So why do we try to save happiness for a certain time, reduce it, and not experience more? The first and most important reason time. We always think that there is “more time” and put it off as we do. We put aside life to the fullest, go to places that interest us, eat what we want, have fun with loved ones, take better care of ourselves, rejoice, make ourselves happy. Because ‘have more timewe say, although this may not be the case. The moment comes and when we say there is more We can actually see how it ends. Even the city we always wanted to visit can disappear… we don’t believe we deserve happiness. Why, why shouldn’t we deserve happiness? We all deserve it, happiness is our most natural right and need. Third reason We are confused about what really makes us happy. Maybe we think we’ll be happy when we have more money, maybe we change the city we live in, and when we get to them, we may not find what we expect; because we don’t understand that what we think will make us happy isn’t actually true.

Why do we put off our happiness against time, our hasty friend?

Concepts such as money, fame, fame, wealth, success may sound like general causes of happiness; however happiness has no standard. In fact, scientific research shows that none of this applies to real happiness. According to research, there are three important factors for sustainable happiness; sense of meaning and purpose, spending time with family and friends, helping others. So a lot of money doesn’t bring a lot of happiness, or a great sports car doesn’t guarantee you will be as happy as we think. Can money buy happiness? You can also check out our article. Happiness is in the present, right now and is actually within us.. Just like extending a helping hand to those in need, just like meeting a loved one. near U.S. If so close, why delay? Why should we delay and suspend happiness?

Life may be shorter than we think there is still time While you’re thinking, the last grain of sand in the hourglass may fall. Anything we put off can cause our opportunities to slip away. Today everything is at hand Who can guarantee that we can do it tomorrow or in the future? Nobody. Who can say that we won’t regret tomorrow if we didn’t do it today? Nobody. So why stop, wait, delay?

We will live our lives; we will do what we have to do, do our duties, do our usual work, stay in the flow. But we will also take good care of ourselves; We must look. The only person who will be with us for the rest of our lives is ourselves. We are all for ourselves. That is why we are responsible for our happiness. If we want to go somewhere, it is in our hands to go, if we are thinking of taking a new step, to try. Yes, we are planning for the future and we will, but this This should not prevent us from living for today. Otherwise, one day, when all our past will pass before our eyes, all the proposals that we will make may begin with “I want” … And then that’s it. It can be very difficult for us to find solace to ease the “if only” pain. Do we want it? Imagine…

Instead of postponing life for later, we should strive to do everything that is at our disposal today; don’t regret later no time left not to mourn; We must do what we want before it’s too late. Maybe it’s time to put on the outfit you’ve been saving for special days, go on the vacation you’ve always been putting off, and start the initiative you’ve always wanted to try…

We also don’t need to live on the fringes; We don’t have to be cicadas or ants. As long as we keep striving for tomorrow, we can live without missing out on the present. Maybe “we need to get on this path now” because life cannot be put off.

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