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You must have red lines; no matter what the circumstances, he will not reach out, make concessions, and let it pass. Because these lines define the boundaries of ourselves, like on maps. You can get a job, be in a relationship with someone, but if you erase your boundaries, do what is “expected” of you. You stop being yourself. Adaptation is very important, perhaps even the first condition for survival. However, adaptation and loss of self in a person or entity are very different from each other.

Sometimes we are ready to blur our own boundaries, that is, to give up our red lines in order to be approved, loved and accepted. However, since these lines are not in vain, after a while we introduce another red line into our lives due to the burden that each border crossed puts on us, and we may find ourselves drawing a crimson line over this person, this institution. , anyone, anything. In order not to fall into these extremes, it is very important to protect your own space from the very beginning.

Having red lines to protect yourself protect yourself and your values In fact. However, it is also a roadmap to tell the other side how much they can interfere in which areas. And even the red lines in some places clarify the life position of a person, in some places they emphasize. In this way, he gives an idea to others about the values ​​that a person has.

At the same time, the presence of our red lines We also need to establish healthy relationships.. Because these boundaries are needed for a relationship in which one can distinguish between “I” and “you” and one does not disappear into the other. Knowing that the other side can be lost when these lines cross also provides the necessary anxiety to keep the relationship moving. And the sensitivity the other party may or may not have to your lines also helps you get to know them better.

But most people don’t think enough about their limits and their own values. Because he is unaware of their existence, he is unable to communicate and present himself properly. Then every boundary crossed, every value ignored becomes a problem in the person’s relationship or environment.

Therefore, as always, we must turn inward a little and become aware of our limitations that allow us to exist “as we are.” What values ​​are important to us in life? If we haven’t named them yet, we should name them one at a time and even determine the order of precedence. Which one should be protected by the crimson line, and which one we have a fraction of the stretch, we must be aware of this from the very beginning. Thus, we can easily expose and protect them. When we can live our values ​​and fully reveal ourselves, we can make our lives much more meaningful and fulfilling.

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