Akmerkez presented an innovative mobile application to its users


When you go to the mall, don’t you realize how time goes by? Your enjoyment of shopping can be interrupted when you encounter many situations that quickly take up your time, from trying to find a parking space for your car to finding out which floor of the store you are going to. Aware of this situation and striving to make life easier for its guests, Akmerkez offers its innovative solutions through the Akmerkez mobile application. The Akmerkez mobile application, which attracts attention with its easy-to-use and intuitive interface; It greets its users on the App Store and Google Play Store with a plethora of features, from valet parking to parking fees, from event reminders to visitor specials. The details are as follows:

Akmerkez in your pocket

Launching its innovative mobile app for the first time, Akmerkez offers a variety of mobile app experiences with special campaigns, personalized discounts and opportunities for mobile app users throughout the year. In addition, guests of Akmerkez who download the app for the first time do not pay a one-time parking fee. Users can be the first to know about the most enjoyable Akmerkez events and easily follow them on their calendars. In addition, through the mobile application, one can easily apply for the Terrace Agriculture volunteer program, which Akmerkez launched in 2017 and offers an exciting downtown experience intertwined with the land.

Easy access to pleasant shopping

Akmerkez, which at every turn improves the shopping experience of its visitors and facilitates the time they spend in the mall from A to Z, offers services such as the use of wheelchairs, prams and pet strollers with one click with Akmerkez Mobile Appendix. In addition, through the Easy Point application, you can access concierge services.

Ease of parking and payment with a parking app

With application parking function; guests can take a photo of the place where they park their cars and it is easy to find this place. In addition, they can pay for parking contactless, without wasting time or waiting in line, using their cards registered with BKM Express via the app.

The most complete store search module

With all Akmerkez stores categorized and displayed on the floor plan, mobile app users can quickly get directions to the desired store.

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