Akbank Sanat children’s activities continue throughout February


While the semester holidays are in full swing, great activities await you that will delight both children and parents! Akbank Sanat is getting ready to give children fun with children’s theaters and master classes. Akbank Sanat offers its programs for art lovers of all ages a creative and entertaining program for children throughout February. Among the highlights of this month. In addition, every Saturday in February, he will gather children of different age groups in different creative workshops. Children will also take their first steps in co-creation in many different disciplines, from music to linoleum printing, collage to architecture and think about art. Here are the event details:

Akbank children’s theater performance

storm boy

While a lonely boy is trying to fix his house destroyed by a storm, a girl suddenly appears from under the wind. Two friends enjoy the sun and go on an adventure together in the deep blue sky. But when the wind blows her back, Storm Boy must find his own way. Uniting viewers with boundless imagination, this tale is delivered with physical expression, accompanied by live music. A fun game will take place in Akbank Sanat on February 11 at 11.30.

You can access your Storm Child ticket at www.biletix.com.

Peter Pan and Neverland

In cooperation with Akbank Sanat and Zorlu PSM, Akbank Children’s Theater presented its 50th anniversary on theater stages, as well as the musical “Peter Pan” and “The Never Before Land”, loved by adults and children because it offers a colorful universe for viewers of all ages. centuries, meets art lovers.

Every evening, Wendy tells stories to her siblings and puts them to bed. But tonight is another night. Peter Pan, the child of fairy tales, comes with his guardian fairy Tinkerbell. With the help of fairy dust, our heroes set off on a journey to an island called Neverland. Their adventures with pirates and mermaids on the island will change the lives of the Lost Boys. A fun game will take place in Zorlu PSM, Turkcell Platinum Stage on February 18 at 15.00.

Tickets for the musical “Peter Pan and Neverland” can be found at www.passo.com.tr.

Akbank children’s art workshops

Continuing the much loved and missed “Kids’ Workshops” from where they left off, Akbank Sanat brings kids together with art and entertainment every Saturday throughout February. Through her activity, which allows creating and thinking about art together, she opens the space for them to create completely new works in fields ranging from music to linoleum printing, from collage to architecture.

Art from Flowers to Works: Blue

This workshop will look at the work of various artists in which blue is at the forefront, as well as creative discussion and reflection on the influence of colors and color tones. Children will bring a blue object with them to use in their color-inspired artwork. Collages, paintings or sculptures from waste, paints, paper, pastes, wire, thread, fabrics, foam, glue will also arise in the imagination of each child. The workshop, suitable for the age group of 6-10 years old, will take place on February 4 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Master class on printing linoleum for children

It’s the turn of the children to work in a professional linoleum printing workshop using the original infrastructure of the printing painting of the Akbank Sanat Contemporary Art Workshop! In this master class, children will not only get acquainted with the materials used for printmaking and printmaking, but also make creative prints on linoleum out of them. They will create their own prints by cutting out a composition from linoleum and printing it after it has been painted. A workshop suitable for the 10-14 age group will take place on 4 February.

Classical music workshop with children

Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven and Bach will be guests of this month’s workshop, which introduces children to the outstanding composers considered the cornerstones of Western classical music and their important works. Children who will get acquainted with the life and work of composers through books that describe the life and work of composers in a fantastic setting; they will be accompanied by words, movements, rhythms and games. The workshop, suitable for the 6-10 year old age group, will take place on 11 and 25 February.

Istanbul workshop that I feel

At I Feel Istanbul Atelier, children will see Istanbul through the eyes of architects and artists and learn that every piece of architecture has a story through this work that engages the five senses. Together, revealing the route of Istanbul’s iconic structures, they will build a common map, establishing the shape, color, texture and relationship “place-destination”. The workshop, suitable for the age group of 7-12 years old, will take place on February 18 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Performer Codes: Bedri Rahmi Eyyupoglu

Bedri Rahmi Eyyupoglu is a guest at the workshop, which is designed to explore the history of different artists every week. The narrator, who through animation conveys to children interesting fragments from the life of the artist; help them pick up clues about the artist’s life and work by giving them the codes in his work. After the children solve these codes, they will study the artist’s work and create new works inspired by him. The workshop, suitable for the age group of 7-12 years old, will take place on February 18 from 13.00 to 14.00.

You can visit the website for details of all activities.

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