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Given the hustle and bustle of everyday life, work in progress and endless responsibilities, who among us would not like to go back to our childhood or reminisce about our childhood from time to time… Feel less stress, less anxiety, spend more time with games and toys. in the face of the emotional or financial hardships of adulthood? But we’re not talking about refusing to grow up, avoiding responsibility, resisting being childish; In this article, we are talking about adults who love experiences that bring them back to childhood.childishnessWe will consider the concept of “.

“Enacting” – a concept that describes adults who don’t want to miss out on entertainment just because they’ve grown up – is used to reenact their childhood experiences. That is, adults spending time with nostalgic toys, old generation board games, eating foods they loved very much as children, or bringing hobbies they had as children back into their daily lives explain “fun”. This concept, which is a combination of the words “child” in English and “adult” meaning “adult”, which we can translate into Turkish with the phrase “adults who become children”, according to research, is crucial. Don’t we all need to pamper our inner child from time to time? Thus, we cannot deny the importance of childishness.

On the other hand, perhaps many of us have the Peter Pan syndrome that may come to mind when reading the word bullying. It was first introduced in 1983 by Dan Keely Peter Pan syndrome: men who never grew up While this syndrome is not a specific psychological disorder, it is a type of behavior that can affect people of all races, genders, and cultures. It is about adults who do not want to grow up, like the Peter Pan we know from the cartoon, which manifests itself with symptoms such as avoiding responsibility, failing to keep one’s word, resistance to growth, unwillingness to plan for the future, avoiding making important decisions, unwillingness to enter into a serious relationship without having realistic expectations. Jokes, on the other hand, are not adults who resist growth; describes adults who use various nostalgic tools to experience the positive emotions of their childhood.

“We don’t stop playing games because we get older; We get old because we stop playing games.” –George Bernard Shaw

Buying an adult Happy Meal menu that McDonald’s donated a collectible toy for, spending money on movies, toys, Marvel costumes, dressing up like the old days, playing Pokemon Go, spying on adult characters in Disney world, making something then with Lego Actions like these are considered childish practices. What’s more, according to a report published by Bloomberg, scammers, that is, adults who go back to their childhood with the help of various tools, have contributed about $28.6 billion to the American economy in recent years through the toys they buy.

If as a child you enjoyed watching your favorite cartoons on TV and sitting and watching for hours, collecting Pokémon cards, building Lego, or indulging in the occasional kids’ menu and reliving nostalgic memories, you can consider yourself part of a children’s community.

How does childhood benefit us?

Cole Chickering, a YouTuber who collects old prints from the 90s and 2000s like Nickelodeon Magazine and flips the pages for his followers, told HuffPost:Lately, Kidulting has become a source of a whole new online community for me. My viewers and I have so many nostalgic childhood experiences and I enjoy sharing those stories and making that connection.” He draws attention to the fact that people who want to return to nostalgic childhood memories can actually be quite a large audience.

On the other hand, Nicole Booze, founder of and author of The Kids’ Guide, for “I think nostalgia is comforting, adults remembering childhood memories look back at times in their lives when they felt safe, when they thought they had a lifetime and many opportunities.” He speaks.

In addition, many experts in scientific research and psychology say that it has many benefits for raising children. Acclaimed writer Meredith Sinclair points out that being an actor relieves anxiety, and when we dedicate time to activities that are only for entertainment, our frontal cortex, which is responsible for managing social skills and emotions, is filled with fireworks. On the other hand, he says, “jokes” also help increase serotonin levels, increase creativity, and improve cognitive flexibility. about psychology today Pursuit of nostalgia Psychology professor Kristin Batcho, blog author, says that when we feel stressed or anxious, we should return to our games to feel much better.

At first, play can serve as a relief from burdens of responsibility, frustration, or anxiety, but if given the chance, play can also evoke a sense of delight when mundane things are viewed from a new perspective with a curious eye.– said Dr. Batcho also claims that adults who play games can temporarily suspend the boundaries of reality.

You can give your child a chance to get away from today’s intense stress, reinforce their happy memories and enhance their good feelings. Whether you’re watching your favorite childhood cartoon or inviting your friends to play your favorite old co-op game. Open up space in your life and allow yourself to do something nostalgic so you can feel like you are back in the happy days of childhood. You will see, it will be very useful for you and your loved ones to fool around a little.

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