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The season of taking off winter clothes is approaching. Soon the days of dressing in layers to stay warm will be over. However, our wool cardigans and long coats will not be used until next winter. While it’s great to have a durable winter wardrobe that can handle the cold weather, they can take up a lot of space in our closet when we’re not wearing them. For this reason, it can be helpful to find the right storage solutions for scarves, gloves, sweaters, coats that have not been used for a while. how to store winter clothesIf you’re interested, keep reading.

How to store winter clothes?

Before taking off your winter clothes, follow these steps in order.

1. Organize your wardrobe

The first thing you need to do is organize your winter wardrobe. First of all, put aside the winter styles you no longer wear and save yourself the hassle of stocking up. Don’t throw away clothes you don’t wear, try selling or donating them. If you see a future for certain items, bring old sweaters or t-shirts to life by repairing and recycling them.

2. Wash and clean

The second step before removing your winter wardrobe is to wash and clean the winter wardrobe items you plan to keep for next season. This prevents moths or other pests from escaping while storing your belongings. Prefer washing clothes with an unscented detergent. This way pests won’t be attracted to your clothes and you’ll know what your favorite jacket will be ready to wear next time. If you store delicate items, follow the washing instructions on the labels. Do not forget to thoroughly wipe winter shoes and boots with a sterilized cloth.

3. Get organizational tools

Then invest in a variety of storage tools. Before considering the tools you will purchase, you may want to decide where to store your unused winter items. Whether you store winter coats under your bed, in the attic, or in a warehouse; There are many tools that can help you. Keep in mind that clothes in different environments will require different storage solutions. You can wrap thinner parts in paper to prevent wear, tear, and binding. It will be enough to fold the more durable things that you have on hand, or store them in a clothes bag.

What are the best ways to store clothes?

How to store winter clothesLet’s continue to explain. Especially, how to store winter coatsYou might be wondering because they take up so much space. Below are the items you may need to store your winter coats safely. ways to store clothes you will find.

1. Bags for clothes

Clothing bags give you enough storage space for bulky winter clothes like coats and jackets. Some of these types of bags even have extra shelves inside to increase shelf life.

2 boxes

Clear, weatherproof sealed plastic boxes are great for labeling and viewing contents. That way, even months later, you’ll know what kind of clothes you keep in the boxes.

3. Vacuum bags

When it comes to big and bulky items, vacuum bags can really come to the rescue. These types of bags are also very weatherproof, making storage easy and hassle-free. You can store vacuum bags where you keep your winter clothes, under your bed or in your warehouse, and you can be sure that your belongings are protected from external factors.

4. Drawers under the bed

With storage drawers that are low in height and suitable for access under beds, the clothes you take off will no longer be out of sight. This way you can easily reach it when you need to grab a bite on chilly days. This solution also allows you to keep the room in order in the off-season.

5. Clothes hangers

If you have more durable winter coat racks, you can store your heavy coats safely in a warehouse.

6. Moth pills

You can use moth pills that you place in the places where you store your winter clothes to protect your valuables.

7. Shapers for shoes

When storing winter boots and boots, place shapers in them so that they do not wrinkle. Even old crumpled newspapers or rolls of paper towels are suitable for this job.

8. Clothes hangers

If you don’t have a specific place to put on your winter coat, additional coat racks, also called donkey racks, can provide you with space.

Winter Clothing Storage Tips

How to store winter clothesNow you know. Higher, clothes storage bag other like ways to store clothes You can also take off your winter clothes effectively and safely. Finally, let’s share some of the tricks you need to know about this item:

  • Folding Master: To better protect your clothes, do not wrinkle them or put them in a dirty place. Eventually, you will wear them again.
  • Be creative: If you’re short on resources and space when you take off your winter coat, use empty suitcases or other handy storage boxes.
  • Know what and where Large coats, ski gear, and bulky items are best stored on hangers in vacuum-sealed clothing bags. This way you can easily see what and where you are hiding.
  • Hang your coat on sturdy hangers to keep it in shape: How to store winter coats? If you have space in your closet, hang up your coat. If you’re short on space, protect them from dust by putting them in clothing bags.
  • Do not hang sweaters: This causes the fabric to stretch and lose its shape.
  • Avoid storing clothes in bad conditions: For example, rooms such as a very cold garage, a damp basement, or an open balcony have different temperatures and humidity levels. Clothing should be stored in a cool, dry place to prevent damage to fabrics from heat and moisture.
  • Keep your winter accessories together: Winter hats, gloves, shawls can be put in a storage box or in a basket. If you have room in your chest of drawers, you can also store them in a drawer.
  • To keep your clothes smelling fresh: No matter how clean your clothes are, chances are they will be stuffy when you take them off again. One of the best ways to prevent this smell is to put a few blotting wipes in your clothing bag or storage container. You can also add a fragrant sachet or dried lavender.

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