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Desire to wake up every day entrepreneurial mindset I’ve been thinking about your relationship with him for a long time. I believe that the perspective of growth as well as the love of life play a role in this if we find motivation to do things even when we sleep poorly, deal with minor health issues and even when things go wrong. in our lives. It is normal and beneficial for everyone to face various difficulties from time to time. fixed mind people I see that there are gaps between the methods of interpreting this situation and finding solutions between people with a growth mindset and people with a growth mindset. In fact, perhaps the most fundamental difference between these viewpoints is the reluctance/force to try. Behind the success of very famous scientists, architects of technical inventions, philosophers, countless names who have left their mark on history and determined the future, there is a lot of trial and error. Under their motivation and behavior, the famous psychologist Albert Bandura “IOur belief systems influence our actions.” is a very important factor. The book Creative Self-Confidence, which I recently came across on a very good occasion, also shed light on me while I was thinking a lot about these questions.

What we believe becomes our reality after a while, and repeating it is the result of both habit and sometimes taking the easier path. It takes intention, effort, and a lot of trial and error to interpret new information in our minds and translate it into new behavior. If we take authority and responsibility for a subject and believe that we can influence change, we can put more effort into it and can stay away from issues that will have little impact. Making this distinction and determining where we will direct our energy becomes possible again with time and experience. Although it may seem very difficult and intimidating at first, when we try new paths, we not only activate and energize different parts of our mind, but also open the door to success that we could not even dream of. Development-oriented perspective it makes us struggle, grow, gain experience. Moreover, perhaps in these trials we reveal our creative side, removing the barrier blocking our potential, constantly repeating ourselves in the known.

In fact, each of us can find creative solutions and innovate simply by thinking and applying them. For example General Electric Healthcare The solution offered by the company by creating a pleasant story before critical interventions and promising them a trip instead of being anesthetized before each intervention because of their fears, reduced the number of anesthesias. this example opening the doors of a solution-focused approach with empathy The innovation also saves costs and time. Innovation, which we think has a scientific side and the need to create technologies, is actually possible with the birth of a tiny thought. This potential is inherent in each of us, but in order to ignite it, we need to look at our self-efficacy, self-confidence and trust in ourselves.

Anything we don’t try may cause us anxiety at first. The courage to take the first steps, the first presentation experience, the first meeting… The first with countless examples can frighten us with the unknown. The first is always easier than the other, and in fact it is a very serious advantage to look at it with approval and see in every first experience an opportunity for improvement. The sooner we take the first step we can experience failure so quickly, and when we experience it, we have two options: either we learn from it and improve the quality of the next experience; or we continue in the same spirit, having learned nothing. Failure is a hard experience for everyone. says Carol Dweck; but it shouldn’t be an adjective that defines us, it’s just an opportunity to see things that need to be addressed, overcome and improved. Avoiding situations and conditions that will hinder experience rather than failure may be an important investment for ourselves. I wish you good days when we allow ourselves the desire to make a positive impact on the environment, approach and listen with empathy, have the desire to improve things and allow ourselves the freedom to make mistakes.

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