A short documentary film about world champion in billiards Seven Saiginer has been released


We all have goals in life; we all want to achieve something, to reach the place that corresponds to the definition of the pinnacle in our dreams, to achieve what we want, as our heart desires. In trying to achieve these goals and dreams along our life path, we come across many resources that will motivate us. People who have already achieved what they want and achieved their dreams are undoubtedly one of our most valuable resources of motivation. And one of these names is the world champion in billiards Semih Sayginer, who achieved success after success, glorified his name all over the world, and whom we all know well thanks to his inspiring life story.

Sighiner, who recently appeared in front of the camera for a documentary that will inspire us all, managed to rekindle hope in us once again by sharing his life story. In addition to the unique inspirational story that this impressive documentary brought us together, there was another important feature that should definitely not go unnoticed. It was filmed with perfect technique.

The story of Semih Saygyner combined with the motto “Live the Mega Moment”.

Billiards World Champion Semih Saiginer, who faced Xiaomi 12T Pro cameras with innovative 200MP image processing system, shared the details of his life story that inspired young people in this documentary. Saiginer, who recounts his adventure from childhood to the World Cup, was accompanied by his friends, irreplaceable in his history. The audience was introduced to the story of Semih Saygyner, filmed in Adapazary, where he was born and raised.

Saiginer’s story”live the moment megaXiaomi 12T Pro, with a 200MP professional-grade image processing system that unites the audience under the motto “”, offers excellent high-definition images, powerful night photography and fast focusing. All this, along with many other optimizations, allows you to capture fine details without losing focus, even in low light conditions or when shooting fast-moving subjects.

The camera also has a built-in 2x zoom function that can take advantage of the large 1/1.22″ sensor, ideal for portraits. With Xiaomi ProCut and Ultra Burst, Xiaomi 12T Pro helps you crop and display content intelligently. Xiaomi 12T supports full 8K video recording to unleash the creativity of filmmaking.

This impressive high quality documentary gave us hope while watching and showed once again how hard work can be, despite the difficulties. Moreover, he reminded us all that we have the strength to overcome obstacles and that if we really want something, we have no reason not to succeed. You can watch this impressive and inspiring documentary on the video below:

*Additional equipment was used during shooting.
*This article was prepared with input from Xiaomi.

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