A question from the last generation of love letter writers: let’s slow down a bit?


Although Generation Z is the first generation to grow up with the Internet, the leading users of the Internet are Generation X, of which I am a member. Many of the technological developments that have entered our lives today began during Generation X. For example, Swarthmore University student Justin Hall of Generation X wrote the first ever sample blogs on Links.net, which he founded in 1994, before there was a concept of a blog. Again, Generation X is the first generation to grow up with access to home computers and communicate online through online bulletin boards and email discussion groups powered by Listservs (Johnson, 2022). Gen Xers created some of the first social networks, such as Friendster in 2002, MySpace in 2003 and Twitter in 2006. In fact, Friendster served as the “model” for Facebook, which was founded in 2004 by millennial Mark Zuckerberg. And these earlier social media platforms paved the way for Instagram and Pinterest, both launched in 2010 (Johnson, 2022).

We Generation X are the pioneers of many innovations on the Internet, but I don’t think it’s an exaggeration if I say that they are also the last generations to write love letters to our generation and perhaps some of Generation Y. Internet and social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, which pervade every aspect of our lives and shape our lives, have also influenced our romantic relationships. No more long love letters written to the person we are romantically attached to, no more days when we look forward to a response to our letter… Now WhatsApp messages, private messages, emoticons and “double ticks” determine the status of our relationship. Those times when letters were expected with pain or excitement of love are long gone. Today’s love has become very fast, digital and quickly consumed.

Social media is also paving the way for infidelity behaviors. Is cyber cheating a sign of infidelity when your romantic partner likes other people’s photos on social media? leads to questions like this.

Yes, technology has taken over us. I don’t know about you, but I, Gen X, have almost forgotten my handwriting. Let alone a letter, we are no longer able to devote time even to a handwritten note. What should Gen Z do when it comes to me?

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a nostalgic post. Each era has its own beauty and features. I’m just saying, let’s get it over with the fact that such a precious feeling as love, useful to people, is quickly lost in the fast-paced system of the 21st century. Maybe we all need to put aside the generation gap and slow down a bit in all areas of life, including our romantic relationships, use our smartphones and tablets less frequently and have more personal relationships. , what do you think? And found time to write a handwritten letter to a loved one.

I wish you days when you balance between real and virtual life. By the way, I have some educational news for you. If you’re interested in my 3-week 1-on-1 Zoom Self-Love Training, please get in touch. [email protected] You can write to the address. My Instagram account where I share psychology exercises is @ranakutvan.

Johnson, A. (2022). Six fun ways Generation X has changed our world today.

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