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A man turned into a horror myth after a tragic accident


The history of mankind is full of dozens of interesting and even frightening stories. However, few contain tragedy and a great “misunderstanding” as startling as the story of a man named Raymond Robinson. After a terrible accident in childhood, Robinson was doomed to lifelong loneliness. His doctors said it was a miracle that he survived the accident. The unfortunate person’s face was severely deformed after the accident, which is why Robinson locked himself in the house so as not to scare other people. But what happened to Robinson led to him being nicknamed “The Man Without a Face” and becoming a local horror myth. Let’s look at the details together.

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Raymond Robinson was born in 1910 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Even as a child, he had an accident, from which it was almost impossible for any person to get out alive. At the age of 9, Robinson did what he should never have done to get a closer look at a bird’s nest on a lamppost. Climbing onto a pole, Robinson fell onto electrical wires, through which an electric current of 11,000 volts, according to some reports, and 22,000 volts, according to some reports …

Survival of a person who found himself in such a strong electric current could only be called a miracle.

Raymond Robinson

The miracle in Beaver County was recorded as Raymond Robinson! The unfortunate boy survived the accident, shocking everyone around him, especially the doctors who treated him.

However, devastating scars from this terrible accident were not to be expected. Raymond Robinson lost his sense of smell and vision, as well as his right hand after the accident. But among the clear scars of the accident, there was something else that turned Robinson into a local horror myth.

Raymond Robinson’s face is almost completely deformed after the accident.

For this reason, Robinson locked himself in the house, “thinking it would frighten the people outside.” This solitude will continue throughout the life of the unfortunate person. However, Robinson still could not help but become the hero of the local horror myth…

He did not go out during the day, leaving the house only for short walks after dark.

Raymond Robinson

Robinson’s preferred route for these short walks was the side of Highway 351 near his home. Americans who regularly travel along this road have discovered the presence of a mysterious man pacing along the side of the road and appearing only after dark. The man on the side of Highway 351 was talked about and many claimed he was a monster that appeared at night to scare people…

Americans living in the area have begun visiting the Robinson Hiking Trail to get up close and personal with this mystery man!

Raymond Robinson

Some of the people who went in search of the “mysterious beast” were truly frightened by what they saw. The legend of the “Man Without a Face” arose as a product of this fear. In the 1940s and 1960s, hundreds of Americans visited the area in hopes of witnessing this horrific story up close and meeting Robinson.

So much so that the Robinson Walking Trail became the first stop for some tour groups in the region… Even parents who wanted to leave their children at home resorted to the story of the Man Without a Face and scared their children with this story. Raymond Robinson has taken his place among dozens of horror myths in the United States…

Just as there were those who saw Faceless as a true figure of horror, there were also people who befriended him.

Raymond Robinson

After many years of solitude, Robinson at least found friends who were partners in his short walks. Those who managed to communicate closely with him testified that Robinson was a very calm and affectionate person, far from being a horror story.

Raymond Robinson died on June 11, 1985 at the age of 75. He spent almost his entire life alone, going out only at night, but still could not help but turn into a figure of horror…

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