Tuesday, October 3

A little note on post-traumatic stress disorder and the “inner spring”


As we leave each day of life behind me, I think about how new and how much we find in the same things. On recurring days what could i do differently I keep asking myself. I guess for me, changing ikigai is life and inspiring experiences. It makes me feel like I’m growing. For the first time in the last month, I stopped waiting and looking for a new experience. I don’t know if I did it on a conscious level, but instead of acting immediately, I felt that I could provide the necessary support in time, having received real information. I had so many plans that I gave up. There were several programs I wanted to apply for, so I gave up. I stopped, looked, listened. It was not easy to stop when you were constantly in the rhythm of life for years, especially when you suffered from heart pain. When I saw so many difficult, sad and frustrating situations over and over again, my motivation to act was lost when the price was paid so dearly, and I realized this after a while when I started blaming myself. Even though I tried my best to not let my surroundings feel it, my time by myself was quite challenging.

I think this is what I experienced for the first time in my life: It was post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). After many people General adaptation syndrome The healing process began when I became aware of this situation, where various parts of the body, especially the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, could be damaged, and even some tissues could lose their function, if unable to cope with the stressors that can be seen in the world. Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, which I was not aware of, even if I lived in the past, can actually be experienced at a certain period of a person’s life and leave approximately 40% of irreversible consequences; It was different things like waking up at night and reaching for the phone, being tired, starting easily, constantly remembering bad events, even thinking about this event all over the place, despair, feeling that no one could help me when I was going through such things.

At the end of the month, things started to change, as I wanted to do something new, rewrite, and reconnect. However, in this process, when the body also stops, the mind becomes numb, I become somatically weak. i have to overcome It was very difficult for me to return to some routines. I could not accept that I was doing nothing, especially in this process, when everyone ran with their hearts to support in the struggle, then I forced myself, but I could not act. On the one hand, I began to not listen to my feelings while work and responsibilities awaited me. The turning point came when I was not used to asking for help and dared to ask for it.

I think that the most important instinctive feeling in this situation is the feeling of the need to return to normal life. Nothing will be the same as before, but in this renewed and changing order, we will be able to gather strength again, develop better, do more, heal our wounds and wounds. There are so many possibilities and opportunities that come together, when I think about them, my hope is renewed. Although at first I don’t know how to help anyone, lately there are many places I can turn to for help. I have also listened to the experiences of many people who have been in a similar situation and I wanted to share with you my own summary of how one can get out of these times. First, the basis of true unity is to be included in a community. Even those who like to be alone say that it is good for them to be with someone during this period. Be with people who are good to you, lean on your shoulder or hug. I’m sure it will be very good. Take a look at what you have in your resources, the areas where everyone can benefit are very different. Start with what your own inner voice tells you. Maybe it’s to call someone on the phone and share, or maybe it’s to take action and develop a project. Everyone has something to do on their resource. Maybe you can join a small group and heal each other. Our greatest success is that during this period everything has become much more accessible, there is an opportunity to work even with bands that are unfamiliar to us. You can hold on to hopeful verses. For example, there are verses that herald spring and nurture hope. The poem that keeps me hooked is from Turgut Uyar:

Tell me something like spring.
For example, bloom or oil in favor of me, or become a rainbow, envelop my soul.
Say something, go beyond words, be worthy of the essence.
Say something like “I’m with you.”

There is something within us that will bring us all back to life, and we can ask someone else for something we don’t have. I know nothing will be okay this spring, but I hope this spring will inspire us to help, give hope to others, and take action.

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