A letter to myself as I enter the new age: Dear Woman.


A few days before the end of December is my birthday! Every year at that time, sadness overtakes me and at the same time great hope. I mix the excitement of gaining a new era with the sadness of the end of the year, the joy and hope of entering the new year… I wrote a letter to myself as I ended 2020. That year I had to celebrate my birthday alone, and for the first time in my life I entered my new age alone: ​​”Welcome to my new age: can half way be the beginning of the road?”

When a person is left alone with himself, he questions his life even more. He remembers how he walked and how he had to deal with pain. While I was coping with these feelings, I wrote a letter to myself from the balcony, my favorite corner of the house. I read this article every year on my birthday. At the time I wrote this article, I was both very hopeful and very hopeless. Looking at this expensive view, I realized that I needed an accompanist to share this, and again I realized that the best accompanist is, first of all, myself.

I am sure that many of you have gone the same way as me, climbed the same and possibly much more difficult slopes alone and continue to climb. Everyone is inclined, of course, to himself … That’s why I wanted to write another letter to myself and to you this year, dear woman! Take your coffee, have your coffee in the most comfortable place, let yourself walk my lines. Let’s travel together in the memories of our minds:

Dear woman,
Time flies unnoticed, life sets new tasks every time. Ask yourself what difficulties you are going through right now. What happened that you didn’t think would go away sooner? What steep slopes do you think you can’t climb to the top of? How many nights have you woken up thinking it won’t be sunny anymore?
Countless, right?
Life is like this… very difficult events that we say that they will not pass, what we say will not heal, and what we say will not heal, they inflict great wounds on all of us.
I am not telling you what you do not know, dear woman!
Whatever it is now, what upsets you and hurts you when you think about it will pass, you know.
As I sat alone on my balcony celebrating my birthday in my own way, I faced my own reality towards the end of 2020.
I said I’m lonely, lonely and unique. And one by one I opened the gifts that my loneliness gave me ..
Two years later, this time I am writing this letter from a crowd too large for me to remember, this time finding the peace he was looking for.
At that time, I did not yet know that the surprises that life gives me would take me out of my comfort zone and meet me in a completely new way.
But I knew that the reality I went through that day was an opportunity for me to meet my best self. If I had not plunged into this “I”, I would not be in the world with the state in which I have become today. If I hadn’t been patient that day, I wouldn’t have figured out what’s best for me today.
I am writing this article to be useful for you and for myself, and to remember what we have been through, my dear woman!
I am writing to remind myself that we must not forget our helpless, sad, sometimes hopeless, sometimes forced states, and celebrate our existence with the intention of feasting.
Again, on my birthday, I am writing this article to you and me..
This time there is no sea view in front of me.
I celebrate my existence with everyone who is ready to be with me, to celebrate my existence, not forgetting myself and my values ​​in my new age, for patience.
I’m glad that I got over these bumps.. I’m glad that I believed in a bright morning waiting for me at the end of these dark nights… It’s good that I let people who want to overcome these bumps with me hold my hand..
I am entering a new era, not forgetting my essence and not losing faith.
Don’t forget, my dear woman.
Anything you think won’t end today is temporary, don’t forget that. Let the wounds you think won’t heal, let them open, let your tears flow when you think they’re helpless. Don’t forget that this is all for you.
Always fall, always get up, Think, raise your head, look with the most faithful eyes, believe that your light will be waiting for you from somewhere!
I’m celebrating my step out of my comfort zone this year by turning into the funniest curly girl in me and calling out to you my dear woman..
Fairy tales that you dream of ending well are destined to end well…

So, are you ready to write your own fairy tale?

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