9 things you should know about the early history of football


With the start of the World Cup, one of the most popular sports organizations in history, football hype around the world has reached its peak. Currently, millions of football fans are lured by fierce competition on the green field. Football continues to give magical moments, continues to unite people from all over the world. Yes, football has attracted the attention of people from all walks of life in different periods of history, it was considered an important part of human life. However, this incredible game was a little different from what we know today in its early days. For example, violence, lawlessness and naturally danger were among the natural elements of football! Here are 9 things you need to know about the early days of modern football…

1. Early football was a mixture of football and rugby.

In other words, when this game first appeared, it was played with both feet and hands. Some documents dating back to 1602 state that players carrying the ball used their hands from time to time and even punched opponents to keep them away from them.

2. Early football had different names and rules depending on the region.

It is believed that modern football originated in England. However, some documents in England show that early football had different names and rules depending on the region. For example, in Cornwall, England, football was called “tossing”. In addition, some rules were applied in matches in this region. Among them, it was written that the player in possession of the ball can only hit one person at a time!

3. Hundreds of years ago it was played on very large fields.

Because in the early days of football, there were no specific rules or there were very few of them. In fact, there were no rules defining the boundaries of the playing field. For this reason, miles of empty land were sometimes used for fields. Due to the vast size of the playing field, teams often did not have a goalkeeper, as it was almost impossible to score a goal.

Moreover, the performance in early football was very different from today. Teams that wanted to score had to be able to carry the ball to a predetermined church, nobleman’s home, or remote village.

4. Some of the first football matches had hundreds of players on the field!

Because at that time there was no rule limiting the number of players. For this reason, some teams could consist of hundreds of players. At the same time, there was no rule according to which teams on the field should consist of an equal number of players.

5. Football teams didn’t have uniforms like they do today.


However, some of his teammates, who probably had a prior arrangement, tried to wear similar colors. However, in the early periods of football, some noblemen used special football boots that were specially made and replaced today’s boots.

6. It was an extremely dangerous game.


Malfunctions led to the fact that many people abandoned football, were injured and even killed in 16th century England. Football players, enjoying lawlessness and lawlessness, staged a little chaos in some cities.

However, participating in a football match at that time required a lot of courage. A 1509 entry tells the unfortunate story of a man named John Cowling who was injured during a football game by someone “who ran very fast and fast”. Cowling suffered the wrath of this strong and fast-running man and injured his leg during the fight. The unfortunate one dies after 3 weeks.

What is described in the 1581 document is even more terrifying! It is written that a man named Roger Ludford died on a green field after being hit in a football game.

7. The game has been banned many times by the kingdom and local authorities.


Especially when regional politics are tense and signs of war are on the horizon. Because the kings and local rulers were worried that the magic of football would affect the people.

So much so that some local governments have organized alternative sporting events to take people away from football. But, of course, no sport and no prohibitions could prevent football from falling in love with the masses.

8. Violence was a natural part of football


In fact, according to some theories, football was an excuse for people to want to fight each other! The meetings that took place on some important days were the scene of deadly fights. Thus, in the early periods, football was used as a “stress reliever”.

9 Some Football Matches Were Considered Sacred


Some societies held special football matches on days they considered sacred. Churches followed these meetings. For this reason, some historians are of the opinion that some kind of sanctity is attributed to such football matches.

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