9 Heirs Who Had To Wait For Years To Become Sovereign


In different periods of history, different empires and kingdoms, large or small, arose. Almost all of these states were ruled by some kind of rulers who somehow managed to write their names into history. Some of these rulers went down in history for their cruelty, others for their military successes, and others for their excellent management skills. But besides all these rulers, there were also rulers whose names are inscribed in history with their endless patience. For this reason, history is full of many heirs who had to wait patiently for many years to ascend the throne, of which he is the heir! Moreover, some heirs never managed to become kings or queens despite the long wait! Here is Akihito III. To Charles, the 9 most patient heirs in history…

1. Akihito

Akihito, heir to the Japanese Empire, was born in 1933. Akihito was formally crowned heir apparent in 1952 at the age of 19. However, it took many more years for the Empire of Japan to sit on its throne. Akihito became emperor in 1989, exactly 37 years after he was proclaimed crown prince.

2. Rudolf

The Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph had a son in 1858, whom he named Rudolf. Rudolf, the emperor’s third and only son, became crown prince from the moment of his birth. He was known for his intelligence from an early age. For this reason, even in his youth, almost everyone thought that he would be a very successful emperor. But in 1889, the heir to the imperial throne committed suicide! Thus Rudolph’s 31-year legacy came to an end before he became ruler.

3. Juliana

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands gave birth to a daughter, Juliana, during her 58-year reign. Since the Queen had no other daughters, Juliana was the only person who would become Queen of the Netherlands in the future. However, this title required a lot of patience. Born in 1909, Juliana became queen after her mother abdicated in 1948, exactly 39 years later. Fortunately, he reigned for 30 years and was rewarded for being a patient heir.

Queen II, one of the UK’s longest-reigning monarchs, in recent months. Elizabeth has died. Thus, the Crown Prince of England for the longest period of time III. Charles ascended the throne. Charles was proclaimed crown prince when he was only 3 years old. He was 73 years old when he ascended the throne.

5. II. William

II. Wilhelm became crown prince after his father became emperor of Germany. Born in 1888, Wilhelm served in the German Imperial Army during the First World War. Although he achieved some victories on the battlefield, the empire was unable to emerge victorious from the war. After the war, in 1918, the German monarchy was dissolved. Thus, Wilhelm never became a real ruler, although he patiently waited 30 years to become emperor.

6. Vajiralongkorn

Vajiralongkorn, the current king of Thailand, was crowned heir by his father a long time ago in 1972. However, Vajiralongkorn ascended the Thai throne only 44 years later, in 2016.

7. James Francis Edward Stewart

heir presumptive

King of England II. James’ son, James Francis Edward Stewart, was born Crown Prince of England in 1688. However, shortly after Stewart’s birth, his father II. James was deposed, exiled, and members of the royal family changed hands. However, Stewart was considered crown prince by both himself and his former dynasty until his death. So Stuart lived with the dream of sitting on the throne of England for about 65 years.

8. Louis

heir presumptive

In the plot of the ruling people in France, there are many monarchs, whose name is Louis. Louis, born in 1661, could have gone by one of these names if he had been a bit lucky. But his misfortune was the long life of his father, King of France! His father, Louis XIV, sat on the throne of France for 72 years. Born in 1661, unfortunately known as the Grand Crown Prince, Louis died in 1711 at the age of 50. However, only 4 years remained before the death of the king.

9. Isabelle

heir presumptive

Born in 1846, Princess Isabelle of Brazil spent her entire 75-year life as an heiress. Isabelle never sat on the Brazilian throne during her lifetime. But at least he served as regent three times in his life and had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to reign.

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