7 Ways The Chinese Have Used For Hundreds Of Years To Stay Young And Healthy


Aging is a natural part of the life cycle. But it’s hard to say that aging is interesting. For this reason, millions of people around the world are making great efforts to delay or reverse the signs of aging. However, when it comes to staying young or looking young, some societies are more fortunate or successful than others. Despite their advanced age, the Chinese manage to look quite young and stay healthy. Because the Chinese have some traditional methods that help them lead a healthy lifestyle and stay young mentally and physically. Here are 7 methods the Chinese have used for hundreds of years to stay young and healthy…

1. Regular consumption of vegetables and fruits

The Chinese have been eating very healthy plants for hundreds of years. One of the main things they owe their youthful looks to is healthy eating habits. However, there are 4 different plants that are more prominent in Chinese food habits than others.

The roots of a plant called ginseng, which are very important in the Chinese diet, help fight stress. On the other hand, a plant called huang gi, which they often eat, is known to prevent aging and strengthen the immune system.

A mushroom called Lingzhi is also very important in the Chinese diet. This fungus is quite common, especially among the elderly. Because it strengthens memory, provides the body with energy and reduces the effects of aging.

Finally, a fruit called the goji berry is an effective weapon used by the Chinese against stress and stress-related health problems.

2. Cordyceps fungus

The cordyceps mushroom, extremely rare in the world, has been used by the Chinese for hundreds of years as an important source of health and youth. This fungus, which grows in the highlands or on the bodies of various arthropods, is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. Mushrooms are known to be effective against cancer cells and tumors. It is also claimed to be good for the kidneys and liver and strengthens the immune system.

3. Bathing in cold water

Regular exercise is very important for a healthy lifestyle. However, the Chinese exercise habits are somewhat different. However, it can be easily said that these habits are effective for youth. A woman named Liu Yelin looks quite young despite her advanced age. Elin claims that she owes her youthful appearance to regular sports and swimming in cold water.

4. Meditation


Chinese geography is famous for its various meditation practices as well as alternative therapies. The meditation called Qi Ung, which the Chinese have been practicing for centuries, is one of them.

Qi Qong is an app that combines various exercise movements with mindfulness and breathing practices. Through this practice, the Chinese become stronger both physically and mentally. Thus, they go through a period of healthy old age, when they look very young.

5. Pay attention to the biological clock


Undoubtedly, one of the most important things underlying a healthy lifestyle is eating habits. However, the Chinese pay attention to both what they eat and when and how they eat it. For this reason, they adjust their feeding hours according to their biological clock…

In China, the first meal of the day usually takes place between 9 and 11 am. They also consume hot food for breakfast. For the Chinese, the dinner table must be set between 17.00 and 19.00. During this period, when the kidneys are actively working, you should eat fresh, light and nutritious food.

6. Coexistence


Healthy and youthful-looking people in China depend on more than just traditional herbs or healthy eating habits. Because youth is a psychological phenomenon, not just a physiological one. Therefore, factors such as social relationships, mental structure and mental health become very important when it comes to looking younger. For this reason, the crowded and coexisting family structures of the Chinese are also thought to be effective for their youthful appearance.

7. Having children later in life


It turned out that in a Chinese village, where almost all residents live long, the first child is born at 27-28 years old, and the last at 42-43 years old. In other words, long-lived Chinese are having children at a later age than the world average.

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