7 Mantras to Chant Often to Spread Beauty in the World


Every day, thousands of words pass through our minds and tongues. Communicating with others, talking to ourselves, thinking, dreaming… We can use our words as they enter our language, sometimes choosing carefully and sometimes without thinking. However, there is something we must not forget; room the power of words. If we pay attention to our words, forming sentences that guide our actions and help shape our lives, it will help us feel much better, take actions that benefit us and, moreover, benefit the world. in Sanskrit “instruments of the mind” defined as mantras; sacred sounds in the form of syllables, words, sentences or chants and ability to heal they are considered to be. Inquiry and feel good and give good to the world you need to develop the habit of remembering phrases and mantras:

“I will meditate every day”

The first step you can take to stay more in the present, live mindfully, achieve your dreams and goals, and become a happier person. You don’t have to meditate for hours every day to do this practice. While walking, waiting for the elevator, at the supermarket checkout, even for brief moments, you can practice mindfulness meditation by focusing on your breath. To make it a habit, you can often remind yourself of this mantra.

“I will be the best version of myself every day”

If there are any unhealthy habits in your life that you don’t like or enjoy, don’t blame yourself for not being able to change them overnight. Instead, notice each time you repeat these habits and remind yourself of this phrase. Strive every day to be better than yesterday. You can start with small changes and achieve big results.

“Starting with myself, I will forgive”

Forgiveness can be one of the most difficult challenges in this world. To do this, it is very important not only to forgive the people around you who have made mistakes, but also to forgive yourself and accept your mistakes. Because you cannot do to others what you cannot change for yourself in the first place.

“I’ll try to be kind no matter what my instincts say”

Sometimes we can be very cruel to our loved ones. Our impulsive motives, which we feel in controversial situations, provoke us, and we can cause harm. However, in such moments, be the first priority not to be right, but to be kind. To do this, you can often remind yourself of this mantra.

“I won’t judge… neither myself nor anyone else”

We have a very bad habit in our heads that we do sometimes all the time… to severely criticize and condemn ourselves! Sometimes we can do this bad behavior for other people. Judgment is the strongest educator of unhappiness… So in the new year, notice every moment when you judge yourself and other people. In these moments of awareness, you can use this mantra.

“I will remember death every day”

While this may seem like a negative mantra at first glance, remembering death is actually one of the first steps to becoming a happy and peaceful person. every moment is precious, it will keep you alive.

“I’ll be grateful for everything”

Recognizing and being grateful for the beauty in your life, and being motivated to work towards your goals… Establishing this balance is the formula for a constant and sustainable feeling of happiness and well-being. Do you want to remember or write down the 5 things you are grateful for in your life when you wake up every morning? funny or pollyannaism You will not believe in positive changes in your feelings when you get rid of your prejudices and make this practice a habit!

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