7 fashion rules to follow to look slimmer


Summer has come. We are in for a season full of hot weather, vacation plans and social events! The thick and loose clothing we wear in winter often hides many of the mistakes we make when it comes to fashion. Unfortunately, the same does not apply to summer. You need to be a little more careful with fluffy and thin clothes. We’ll help you choose the right clothes for a summer season full of innovation, vibrant colors, natural textures and accessories that reflect your style. Here are 7 fashion rules to follow this summer!

1. How to make your body longer or shorter?

Clothing, like cosmetics, can make our body look different than it really is. Of course, sometimes this can lead to terrible fashion mistakes. However, if you know what you are doing, you can easily achieve the desired result.

If you want to make your body look longer, vertical pleated long skirts are perfect for that! This skirt will gracefully fit your body, making you look taller and slimmer. Then choose a blouse in the same color as the skirt because a monochrome look will make you look taller. And if you wear pointed heels underneath, your combination is simply incomparable!

If you want your body to look shorter, you can change the color of the blouse to a contrasting tone that complements the skirt. This contrast will visually make you shorter. You can also achieve a similar effect by choosing round-toed flats instead of pointed heels. This type of shoe is perfect for breaking the vertical line of your body and making you look shorter.

2. How to combine cropped trousers and shoes?

There are a few simple rules for combining cropped trousers. For example, it’s much better to choose long shoes that don’t show skin, rather than boots that end at a shorter ankle. You can also opt for casual, solid color sneakers that won’t break the vertical line of your foot. Finally, plain sandals or eye-catching shoes with small heels also look very good with cropped trousers.

3. With what to combine white trousers?

White trousers, nude shoes and light tops are the perfect combination for summer. This simplicity creates a sophisticated look, and light colors will keep you from sweating. Of course, white trousers look good with dark colors. You can support your outfit by wearing black pumps along with a dark t-shirt.

4. How to make legs thinner or thicker?

fashion rule

If you want your legs to look thinner under a dress, you can add a pair of socks to your combination. No, we are not talking about pantyhose. You can wear a pair of short socks with a dress to make your legs look slimmer.

5. How to make legs longer?

fashion rule

For this look, you can wear full length pants that reach down to your ankles. Anything above the ankle will cut off your legs and make you look shorter than you really are. Pair your trousers with pointed shoes. Avoid short pants because they make you look shorter than you are.

6. How to make the stomach flat?

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You can wear tops that draw attention to your bust and shoulder circumference to flatten your belly. Avoid tight clothing that draws eyes to the stomach without looking back.

7. How do you draw attention away from your thighs?

fashion rule

This is perhaps the first rule that comes to mind when we say fashion rule! If you want to balance the look of your hips, you can wear a jacket in the same color as your pants and opt for a white t-shirt underneath. Thus, your body looks more proportional.

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