6 tips to avoid distractions and improve concentration


Nowadays, it often seems impossible to complete even the smallest task and achieve a good state of concentration amid constant distractions and incessant interruptions. A new email alert, a message from a loved one, an overwhelming urge to update your Instagram or Twitter feed… It can all be more than annoying and distracting. It can get in the way of achieving something. This is true, but there is hope to learn to concentrate in the face of constant distraction. Here are 6 tips you can do to control your attention:

1. Be aware of your actions.

Before you divert your attention to something else,Why do I need it?You ask. You may be bored or avoid the task at hand. Realizing this can be the first step to controlling attention.

2. Practice the crystal ball.

Think about the consequences when you want to quit your job and focus on something else. Will you still be working instead of worrying about relaxing or spending time with your loved ones? Will she say it? Make your choice accordingly.

3. Remove distractions from the environment.

This is a simple and effective method. Maybe you can leave your phone in another room and choose a quiet place to work.

4. Use social media strategically.

Instead of diving into your Instagram or Twitter feed, choose something else that satisfies you. For example, thinking about someone you love, or texting them a nice message.

5. Take a break before your resources run out.

You know better the level of available cognitive and physical resources. However, this requires establishing a strong connection with the body and mind, which, unfortunately, most of us do not have today. Take a break when you feel like you’re running out of resources. It’s actually best to take a walk outside or do a quick and short series of stretches, but even simple and easy activities like cleaning the table or playing a short game can help you rejuvenate.

Develop ideas to determine the level of your mental and spiritual resources. Don’t forget to take a break when you notice that it is decreasing. If you have enough time, you can take a short walk or make space for yourself with a few small movements where you are. This will help replenish their resources.

6. Stick to a sleep schedule.

According to research, you can’t maintain your rhythm without sleep. A regular night’s sleep contributes a lot to your focus during the day.

All of these tips and more can be experienced first-hand by participating in a mindfulness-based program.

Making small changes to our daily lives can bring tangible benefits and make it easier to focus. It is very important to know yourself and your tendencies in order to keep your attention in focus. Understanding the rhythm of his attention and the corresponding breaks can be the key to controlling a distracted mind.

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