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6 reasons that negatively affect your mental health


Did you know that the activities you regularly perform in your daily life can negatively affect your mental health? For example, at night during the day, when you sit for hours on social networks, your eyes hurt and you feel unhappy, or you have a job, but you keep putting it off and cannot relax. Maybe you’ve been eating out for a week under the pretense of work and don’t have the energy to go out for the weekend. Here are 6 small reasons that negatively affect your mental health!

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Constant surfing on social networks

You may have heard this before, but spending most of your day on social media is very bad for your mental health. Spending all your time on social media means putting off everyday life. Suddenly getting rid of a screen addiction can be very difficult. That’s why you can try to reduce your social media usage day by day. If you want to completely get rid of screen addiction, this content can help you:

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compare yourself to others


It’s easy to compare yourself to others. Especially in the social media world where most people live fake lives. However, even if the person you are comparing yourself to is your best friend, you cannot get to know that person’s inner world. So leave the lives of others and focus on yourself.



No matter how hard you try, perfection is impossible. Being able to let go of the “everything has to be perfect” mentality and say “enough” will be good for your mental health.

procrastination disease


Procrastination is part of everyday life for most of us. But putting off what needs to be done can prevent you from fully relaxing and make you nervous until you get it done. There is something pretty simple you can do about it. If your work will take less than 10 minutes, do it now. If it takes longer, take 10 minutes now and see how you feel.

junk food

Unhealthy eating does more harm to both your body and your mental health than you think. It is very important for your body to be healthy in order to perform daily activities and live a happy life.

I don’t exercise

Most people are too lazy to exercise. Even the thought of sports can be stressful at times, but regular exercise helps the brain produce endorphins and serotonin, known as happiness hormones.

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