52 positive affirmations that will make your life more peaceful and happy


“It doesn’t matter what you tell others about yourself. What matters is what you tell yourself.”

Much of your happiness in life depends on how you think. If you constantly think that something is wrong in your life and get used to thinking that way, your negative thoughts will also take away your joy, energy and peace, so that you will, as it were, fall into chaos that does not exist.

First of all, you must recognize that if you don’t change your mindset, everything you want to change in your life will remain in place.

But we have good news for you; You can completely change your mindset!

Morning is the best time to make this change and build the rest of the day. How you start your day in the morning says a lot about what kind of day you will have. So what path should you follow to start the day better in the morning?

First of all, immediately after a good stretch, remind yourself what a privilege it is to be alive and well. If necessary, prepare small reminders for yourself and post them where you will first see them when you wake up.

What we are about to say may surprise you a little, but you can be sure that it is effective. After we get out of bed, our first stop is usually in the bathroom. Stand in front of the bathroom mirror and breathe in and out as you approach the mirror. This will remind you how important and beautiful it is to breathe.

While it may seem a bit daunting to apply them every morning, it will be a lot easier with the 52 affirmations we recommend to set your mind on positive thinking!

Here are 52 great ways to feel happy:

  • Do not look for happiness in travel, relationships, work or earned money. Changing your outlook on life and your experience is the biggest step you can take to be happy.
  • Most people cannot hear their own voice because they listen to other people. Create space and allow yourself to hear your inner voice.
  • Admit your mistakes, all that you are and are not, just remember that you are human.
  • Think twice before saying yes and no. Before making decisions, take a deep breath and choose carefully. The right choice at the right time will change a lot in your life.
  • If you have hobbies that make you grow, develop them step by step and include more and more of them in your life every day.
  • Whatever happens, always ask why. In this way, whatever you encounter and cannot get rid of will come to an end.
  • It is impossible to know what time will bring. So the best bargaining chip you have is how productive you are in your present time.
  • From time to time we expect a sign to appear in front of us in order to continue, but that sign never appears. Because you can see what is happening on your path, not standing still, but moving forward.
  • Fear of the consequences of the steps you take keeps you standing still. Contrary to popular belief, uncertainty leads us to the wonders of life.
  • Never be afraid to learn. Nobody starts life from above. Always learn more to get better.
  • On difficult and stressful days, remind yourself that the effort you spend on training and production, and the fatigue you feel, is better than the burden of inaction.
  • Whatever you think is holding you back is actually giving you a new experience, helping you find your own path and identify new strategies to solve problems.
  • The truth is that; You have to taste the darkness to understand how beautiful the light is.
  • All the difficulties you faced in the past will be your biggest motivation in the future.
  • When you worry, you are more likely to make a mistake. Remember that they are just a product of your mind.
  • The problem is not the difficulties you face, the problem is that you think too much about them. If you get hung up on small details, your energy will be spent in the wrong direction.
  • Most people find themselves in a huge void, expecting too much from life. Accept life as it is, only then will you realize all the beauty that it carries.
  • One of the most beautiful moments in life; These are the moments when you stop trying to change what cannot be changed.
  • When you realize that you cannot change the situation, you change yourself, and this will be one of your greatest achievements in life.
  • Don’t burden yourself with anything that is out of your control. Do your best and wait, what needs to happen will already happen.
  • Although you cannot control what life brings and will bring, how you react to what is happening is in your hands.
  • Instead of getting angry and angry, focus on learning from your own experience. Appreciate instead of envy, act instead of worry, and have faith instead of doubt.

  • Don’t compare your own progress to someone else’s. Each of us has our own path and our own time zone. Focus on the step you are on now, not the next step.
  • Patience is the best way to show your self-confidence, acceptance and peace of mind, as well as proof that you are strong. Try and observe yourself to be more patient.
  • We are all expecting something to happen right now. But we must be patient and make an effort to get more solid results. Instead of focusing on a goal, improve your daily routine.
  • Trust the process and timing instead of worrying even if you don’t understand what’s going on. Sometimes what you don’t want can have better results than you expected.
  • Life gives you not the conditions that you want, but those that you “need”. Open your eyes, you can find love and strength where you least expect it.
  • Success in the long run is not about being smarter and stronger, but about successfully coping with change.
  • We all have defeats. What we need to know is that our failures do not define us. Confess, apologize, learn and move on.
  • Nothing is eternal. When you understand this, you will find the strength within you to do whatever you want in life, because nothing you leave behind will bring you down.
  • You have to accept that some things will never be the same. In this way, each end will be a brand new beginning for you.
  • It is up to you to decide whether to be exposed to someone else’s negative energy or to be positive and free.
  • Positive thinking is not always expecting the best, but accepting what is and believing in the best.
  • Just because a person is always smiling doesn’t mean they have a perfect life. Their smiles symbolize their strength and hope, so when people smile at you, reciprocate.
  • People are more polite when they are happy. So when someone is rude to you, don’t take it personally and keep going your own way.
  • Maturity means moving gracefully away from things that threaten your peace of mind and disregard your values ​​and personality. Instead of getting angry at the things that make you unhappy, change your direction.
  • When people are rude to you, smile and don’t react. When you stay calm and stay calm, you will take away their power without doing anything.
  • The longer you remain calm, the stronger you become. Your inner peace will bring you into contact with real and meaningful values.
  • Sometimes you need to be invisible. You don’t have to share your every step and progress on social media. Evolve calmly, develop and let your actions speak for you.
  • Take a break from things that upset you. Focus on the things that really matter to you. Where there is interest, there is energy; where there is energy, there is success.
  • Never stop fighting for the values ​​you believe in and the people you love. They are the greatest source of strength within you.
  • Respect people with whom you disagree. Remember that there is a possibility that one day you will come across the ideas that you oppose.
  • Never regret being kind to rude people. Remember that your actions are your concern.

  • Remind the people around you that they are valuable. Tell the people you love that you love them at every opportunity.
  • Know how lucky you are to always be alive no matter what.
  • You don’t always have to be on the road. Sometimes you need to allow yourself to slow down and realize how wonderful it is to just be and breathe.
  • Stop hurrying. Stay where you are and breathe. You are already where you need to be.
  • Do not fill your life with plans. Make room for yourself and your life. Sometimes the unplanned things can bring the greatest happiness.
  • It’s not always good to see the big picture. Remember the little miracles that life brings.
  • Opportunities to make your life better are everywhere! The main thing is that you see them. Learn to see and recognize opportunities in the fast flow of life.
  • Stop for a moment and congratulate the person you are. You have come a long way to become who you are today.
  • relax! You are great as you are. Breathe in, breathe out… Leave the past behind and enjoy the present!

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