5 Ways to Stay Fit During Pregnancy


Of course, weight gain during pregnancy is normal. However, studies show that gaining more weight than expected can pose a risk to both your health and that of your baby. In addition, it becomes very difficult to lose these kilograms after childbirth. After consulting with your doctor, you can find out the maximum weight you should gain during pregnancy and be able to control your weight. So how do you achieve weight control? Here are 5 easy ways to stay fit during pregnancy.

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1. Sit sideways

Usually by the 8th week of pregnancy, the abdominal muscles begin to separate. This is because the baby is growing in your mother’s womb and it is due to hormonal changes. Although the separation of these muscles is harmless, it can leave a permanent image in the abdomen after birth, which we may call bloating. To avoid this situation, you can try to turn on your side while lying or sitting.

2. Keep a water bottle handy


We all know how important drinking water is for health and weight control. But drinking enough water during pregnancy is even more important, as it promotes the formation of the placenta. If you find it difficult to drink water throughout the day, you can buy a large water bottle and keep it handy at all times. Also, don’t forget to drink water whenever you think about it. Come on, drink a glass of water after this post!

3. Give up “feeding two souls”


From the moment you shared your pregnancy with your family and friends, you started hearing sentences like “Now you’re feeding two souls.” However, this idea is very harmful. The calorie requirement of a baby in the womb is not equal to that of an adult. Studies say that from the 6th month of pregnancy it is enough to eat an additional 300 calories. You can consult your doctor about this and get more detailed information.

4. Find time to exercise

Exercise helps our brain produce endorphins, also known as the happiness hormone. Endorphin is also a hormone that reduces pain during childbirth. Light and regular exercise during pregnancy will help your brain produce happiness hormones and keep your weight under control. Of course, we are not talking about heavy jumping sports like basketball. It is enough to take a walk in good weather or stretch during the day.

5. Protein and fiber are essential

Regular intake of protein and fiber is very important for both balancing blood sugar levels and controlling hunger. Especially if you have problems with going to the toilet during pregnancy, this duet will be indispensable for you! Most fruits and vegetables contain fiber. Add your favorite fruit to an egg for breakfast and enjoy a balanced diet!

That concludes our article on 5 Ways to Stay Fit During Pregnancy! Which item helped you the most? Do you have any advice for mothers and expectant mothers? You can write in the comments.

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