5 ways to change your mindset


Our way of thinking expresses our point of view on life and events. For this reason, we can liken our way of thinking to the filter glasses we wear when we look at life. It is also possible to look at this life with a fixed mind filter or a growth oriented filter. If you choose to look at life through the filter of a fixed mind, we won’t be able to see much room for improvement. On the other hand, if we look at life through a growth-oriented filter, it will be easier for us to see opportunities for improvement and change.

No matter what filter we tend to look at life through, we are lucky that we can change the way we think. Just as we can look at the world differently by using different filters, we can also look at life differently by changing the way we think. How?

1. Recognize that your mindset needs to change.

If you have a completely or partially fixed mindset, you should know that it will not help you in your plans for the future. If you want to complain forever that the world is unfair, that life is cruel, or that you don’t have as good opportunities as other people, it won’t change anything in your life. If you want to make a difference, you need a mindset that will support you and not get in the way of your life’s journey. Therefore, if you need to change your mindset, you must first recognize that your mindset needs to be changed.

2. Determine your reasons

We now know that a fixed mindset will not support you when it comes to the changes you want to make in your life. So if you start looking at life in terms of growth, things will become much easier. But knowing this alone will not be enough to change your way of thinking. Do you want to be more positive, put in more effort, resist failure more, take on more responsibility, and focus more on development? Then you must first decide why you really want to do it.

3. Reimagine Success

According to the definition of success that will develop us, intelligence and talent are just a starting point. Yes, some may start life a little smarter or more capable, but that’s not the only criterion that’s critical to long-term success. Real success lies in the struggle against difficulties, in the manifestation of the strength to strive for improvement and change. Real success lies in finding the strength to try again. And real success is turning failures along the way to a goal into a learning opportunity. Those who manage to look at success in this way will eventually change their lives and fulfill their dreams.

4. Watch the words you use

Words are magical. They have the power to change your thinking. That is why you must learn how to use them correctly. The way you talk to yourself, the words you repeat often, and your attitude to events provide important clues about your view of the world. Your outlook on things should keep you on the path to your goals. If your inner voice is judgmental, negative, and holding back, then we cannot say that your way of thinking is very supportive.

You must be a good listener to pay attention to the words you use. Which words should stay in your vocabulary and which should become a mindset that will keep you moving towards your goals? If you frequently use derogatory, condescending, or critical words, stop using them immediately. Of course, this is a process that will take time, but start putting it off right now.

For example: “I’m really bad at this job.” instead of saying, “I should try harder.” to tell. “That’s funny!” instead of saying, “I should try to look at this from a different angle.” to tell. “I still can’t. instead of saying, “I have to give myself time to learn.” to tell. “I’m not good enough.” instead of saying, “I haven’t performed the play I wanted yet.” to tell.

5. Surround yourself with people who match your mindset.

American Entrepreneur Jim Rohn.You represent the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.he says. The point of view of the people in our lives is transmitted to us like an infectious disease. So over time, we begin to resemble the people with whom we spend the most time.

Many of us have noticed that successful people are surrounded by people who are just as successful as they are. It’s not an accident, it’s a conscious choice. Successful people recognize the importance of a supportive, open to development and positive environment with the right mindset. That is why they attract such people around them. This situation is like an unwritten law of nature. Like does find like. If you complain about something, you start to hear more complaints from others. However, if you focus on self-improvement, people who want to improve themselves will start to appear around you. In fact, many people you know show you a side that they never showed and start having growth-oriented conversations.

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