5 morning rituals to start the day happily


We spend a lot of energy waking up early in the morning to the annoying sound of an alarm clock and getting out of a warm bed. To prepare our minds for a new day or week Having morning rituals that make us feel happy makes this process more enjoyable and prepares us for the work we will be doing during the day. Here are morning rituals that will make the morning hours more productive and beautiful…

Morning rituals are necessary for the voluntary start of a new day.

1. Meditate

World famous and successful names such as Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant and Jerry Seinfeld say that the first thing they do in the morning after waking up is to devote time to meditation and mindfulness exercises. They say the reason for this is to stop for a moment before the onset of the day’s chaos and unwind in peace. It is known that a meditation practice done for just 10 minutes in the morning has a positive effect, and this effect is felt all day. If you want to meditate with a guide, you can use the Longi Meditation app.

2. Make offers

You are what you think” not intentionally. Our thoughts are more likely to become reality when we visualize them. Suggestions come into play here and help us. Suggestions that help calm our mind strengthen our thoughts by changing the structure of our brain. You can write the sentences you dream of, or you can motivate yourself and be inspired. If you wish, you can feel good repeating these suggestions, which you have included for decorative purposes, in the morning.

3. Use the power of tea

Many of us start the day with a strong morning coffee to wake up and gain strength. Although coffee has a stimulating effect, it is not beneficial for every body. For example, according to the ancient system of healing Ayurveda, people with Vata type do not benefit from coffee, and instead they are advised to drink herbal teas that increase blood circulation. Whether you’re a vata type or not, don’t tire your body with your daily coffee and indulge yourself by trying different types and flavors of herbal teas.

4. Create a Nutritious and Delicious Breakfast Ritual

Dietitian Adele DavisEat breakfast like a king, dine like a prince, and dine like a pauperHe hilariously stressed the importance of having a hearty and nutritious breakfast. Many studies also indicate that breakfast is critical to the energy levels we need throughout the day. However, if you don’t feel like preparing the breakfast table when you wake up in the morning, you can develop a little tactic to make the job enjoyable. For example, using your favorite mug or eating your favorite food…

5. Take time to feel good

In the morning when you barely wake up, shaving can seem like a daunting task for women and shaving for men. If you pay a lot of attention to self-care in the morning and feel good and nice/beautiful when you look in the mirror when you leave the house, your motivation and self-confidence stay high throughout the day. Taking proper care of your skin and protecting it with natural remedies will help minimize your morning grooming time.

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