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We all felt in the stomach excessive satiety feeling, that is “swelling” we have experienced. And it’s not always because you ate too much food. Even if the stomach is not swollen You can experience this feeling. Swellingusually it’s a digestive problembut to this hormones and stress can also contribute. sometimes even under health status Maybe. Whatever the reason, no one wants to feel bloated. Sometimes this is especially disturbing. For example if you are going somewhere, if you are going to travel by plane or important to you if you are preparing for an eventsudden swelling your mood may adversely affect it. fortunately to relieve bloating there are things you can do. But before that, briefly possible causes of bloating worth a look.

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What is bloating and why does it happen?

Swelling or bloating in the first place feeling of tightness, pressure, or fullness in the abdomen can be defined as In this situation it is seen bloating may or may not accompany. If the feeling from mild discomfort to severe pain may change. Swelling, Generally some time later goes by itself, but some people may encounter this problem frequently. Digestive problems and hormonal fluctuations can cause cyclical bloating. If you are experiencing a bloating problem that does not go away, you should definitely see a specialist to determine the cause.

Well, are you interested? causes bloating? The most common cause of stomach pain and bloating, excessive intestinal gas. After dinner if you have bloating, digestion could be a problem. The reason of that eat very fast It could be something simple. Maybe in person food intolerance or another condition that causes gas buildup It has. menstrual cycle, is another common cause of temporary bloating. Sometimes bloating serious illness can also indicate.

Abdominal massage to relieve bloating: how to do?

When you experience bloating for any reason, you can often feel like you can never get relief. Or, as we mentioned above, it can be very frustrating because you suddenly develop bloating. In such cases, the belly massage technique recommended by Chinese medicine experts can alleviate the problem and offer you a quick solution. Fine, how to massage the abdomen to relieve bloating?

Chinese medicine expertsyourself to release digestive energy. quick belly massage says you can. According to this, bloating and gas discomfort, defined as digestive energy that your belly QI is not moving well indicator. It could be because of what you are eating, drinking or something else. Anyway through massage specific pressure points on the abdomen Application can help alleviate the problem.

Abdominal massage for bloating You can get help from body butter to help your hand glide more easily during surgery. When doing this, you can use your hand or a massage tool, as shown in the video. You can apply the massage to bare skin or over clothing if you prefer. Here’s what to do in order:

  • If you choose to massage bare skin, start by applying body oil beforehand. After applying the oil and preparing the fist, follow these steps:
  • Apply pressure: Press your fist into your lower mid-chest where it ends. This point is designed to enhance digestion; Known for its ability to reduce bloating, gas, and digestive discomfort, it is referred to as the “Rhine 12 acupuncture point.”
  • Draw a circle: Then twist your fist 30 times in one direction. Maintain gentle pressure, but not so light that you can barely feel it.
  • Do the opposite: Reverse: reverse direction and repeat.
  • Down: After that, descend to a point known as “Ren 10” between “Ren 12” and the navel.
  • Repeat: Repeat 30 rounds in one direction, then do in the other direction as before.
  • Scroll down: After stimulating Ren 12 and 10, move to Ren 6 about 5 cm below the navel.
  • Repeat: Again make 30 circles with your fist in all directions.
  • Latest hits: Finally, swing your fist from rep 12 (where you started) to rep 6 back and forth three or four times.

Of course, this method won’t be perfect for everyone, but if you think Chinese medicine makes sense, it’s worth a try. Even if you don’t notice a significant difference after the massage, chances are you will feel more relaxed than before. After all, a few minutes for yourself will never be a waste of time.

How does bloating go?: Other suggestions

bloating, often frustrating and difficult to manage Maybe. If suddenly If you find that you have such a problem acupuncture points known to support digestion We have explained in detail above to warn traditional Chinese medicine massage you can try. However, experts agree different offers Also to eliminate bloating may I help:

  • Sometimes, determining the cause of bloatingit may take a little trial and error. At this point, you will have a list of what you ate, when you ate it, and your accompanying observations. food diary You can try to keep. do it, improve intuition of the digestive tract is an important step.
  • Once you have determined what promotes bloating for you, some problem products limit and total gut health plan you can create.
  • Stress management and regular exercise Some healthy lifestyle changes, including bloating, can also prevent digestive problems like bloating.
  • Prevention of bloatingas much as you eat how do you eat also important. At this point, experts from fast food recommends avoiding. Most of us are used to finishing our meals quickly, eating while we work, and not paying enough attention to meal times. Instead of, be careful while eating Job; deep breath forehead, be grateful or while eating help you stay in the moment try another method.
  • Research also probiotics This also shows that it helps regulate digestion. Talk to your doctor about bloating. probiotic supplements you may consider adopting or feeding foods rich in probiotics you can add
  • Finally, consider intermittent fasting. Giving your bowels a break can do wonders for bloating and other targeted bowel needs.

There are various reasons why you may feel bloated from time to time. By paying attention to when you feel bloated, you can better understand the underlying causes. If you’re experiencing chronic bloating, talk to your doctor to determine your best options.

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