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“5 important questions” that will change your life


The famous philosopher Socrates “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Have you ever heard this word? Many things happen in our lives; some come and go, some stay… Our ideas and beliefs change, we change; we are transforming. In our long and difficult journey of life, we can sometimes lose consciousness. However, we must always maintain our ability to ask questions about everything we experience and who we are. Because if we manage to approach everything and ourselves consciously, we can find the guidelines that we need in order to develop our lives in the way we want.

Renowned psychologist, author of Here’s What Matters. Perpetua Neo offers us 5 important questions to analyze our life path. “Whether you do it at the end of the year, at the beginning of the year, or any other time, it really doesn’t matter.” says and adds “Write down your most instinctive thoughts in response to each question. Also one; what went right and two; also consider what could be different.”

So how do we ask these questions? No matter when you start, devoting at least 10 minutes each day to answering questions will help you focus on the answers. The questions may seem short, but rest assured that the answers will not be short… It is also helpful to take your time to find answers to questions in one fell swoop, as this requires you to focus on yourself and dive deep into yourself. . It will take some time from us to say. Here is Dr. 5 big questions from Perpetua Neo that will change your life:

1. “Do I love the person I see?”

The person standing in front of you in the mirror or looking at you in photographs says a lot about who you are now. Your physical body not only provides accurate data about your overall health, but also shows how you spend your time. For example, your smile may look strained if you’re not feeling calm, or your eyes may look tired if you’ve been exhausted recently. So, your appearance can give you a lot of clues; How you feel inside can tell you a lot about your inner world, although it may not be clear enough for someone who sees you from the outside. The main question is whether you like what you see or not.

2. “Do I love my life?”

Think about it if you really enjoy the life you are living with everything you do. How do you feel about your weekdays, holidays, weekend activities, moments of relaxation, in short, the way you live your daily life? How satisfied are you when you look at how you live? Your relationships with others, your job, the roles you play in your life, and more can influence the answer to this question.

3. “Do I love myself the way I am?”

Do you love your personality, the traits that make you who you are, all the aspects that make you who you are? Are you satisfied with your character traits and the values ​​that you adhere to and care about? Does all this belong to you or to someone else? When you think of Enneagram personality types, or when you consider the Big Five, the most commonly used personality test in psychology, which definitions do you come close to? What definitions of agreeable, conscientious, extroverted, curious, romantic, inquisitive, or any of the laggards fit you, and how good are those definitions? Examine yourself and consider whether you love who you are.

4. “Do I own my past?”

Being human means going through many ups and downs in life, struggling with misfortunes, traumas, difficult situations and emotions. In fact, we all have a chest in which we put the past, or a burden that we carry with us. When you look back on your past, can you accept everything you’ve been through? How easy is it for you to own different stories from different periods of your life? Or do you insist on not accepting your past? Can you view your past misfortunes as a normal part of life instead of being bothered by them? When you think about your entire life journey so far, what do you accept, what do you prefer to hide or bury in the dusty pages of the past? Think about all this and ask yourself; Is your past really yours?

5. “Do I love the person I have become?”

Life is an ever-changing journey that evolves with endless changes; so be yourself. Our ideas, beliefs, and values ​​may change over time; Our choices can change our lives and turn us into a completely different person. The choices we make and every action we take shape our future. As Taoist philosophy says; luck is usually just a matter of preparation. For example, if you eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly, your physical health is more likely to be better than that of your peers as you get older. The same principle applies to everyday life. Do you love the person you become when you think about your preferences and choices? Is the new you who you want to be? Are your actions compatible with your dream and goal? Can you be who you want to be? Try to answer all of them.

Bonus: What happens after I answer the questions?

After answering these 5 questions, review your answers and ask yourself these 3 questions if you want to take it one step further:

  • What do I notice most about myself?
  • What am I most grateful for?
  • What do I urgently need to change?

If you have found the answers to these three questions, then what you want to change and keep in your life will now come to your mind more clearly. You can act on what you want to change because thinking by itself doesn’t work; It is important to combine thoughts with actions. In order to initiate change and move towards a better path in life based on the answers you have given, you need to navigate three main questions: what changes you want to make, recognizing the obstacles in your path and knowing how to take the first step.

The life path, self-determination, connection with oneself and one’s past is different for everyone; as well as a perfect self-image… Therefore, there is no magic recipe that works for everyone. Just like the initial answers you give to questions, the steps you take are also unique to you, so only you can know how you should proceed.

Although looking inside ourselves can be tiring and perhaps even intimidating or overwhelming, shedding light helps us improve our lives. By trusting ourselves, without giving up self-love and faith in ourselves, we can build the life we ​​want, whatever it may be.

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