45 Easy Ways to Spread Happiness Throughout Your Day


Do you remember the last time you did something kind for someone else, and how did it make you feel? A small act of kindness may not change the world right away, but it can make the world a better place. It can help brighten someone’s day and put a big smile on their face. Moreover, it can make goodness, beauty spread more, almost a wave effect (The ripple effect) can create. Don’t we all want the world to be a better, happier, more “livable” place? So why not create the world we want together…

more for yourself One of the best ways to create a happy life is to make other people happy. Because scientific research shows that making someone happy is a critical phenomenon that also increases our own happiness. Moreover, it is not limited to just that. Research also shows that small acts of kindness that make others happy improve relationships, increase commitment, reduce feelings of loneliness, and act as a natural pain reliever by stimulating neurological reward sensors in the body.

Want to have a good day, make someone happy and watch the happiness around you multiply exponentially‚Ķ Don’t you think we all need a little smile more than ever when we go through difficult times personally and socially ? Wouldn’t it lift your spirits to say hello to a stranger you met along the way, the officer who delivered your cargo to your door, or a neighbor you met in the elevator?

If you’re ready to give someone a big smile today, here are some happiness tips:

  1. Before someone passes, hold the door for them.
  2. Give way to a pedestrian on the road, even if it is your turn to overtake.
  3. Sit next to someone who is going through difficult and stressful times and just listen.
  4. Offer to go grocery shopping to a sick or elderly neighbor.
  5. Knock on a relative’s door with homemade food.
  6. Get involved in volunteer work.
  7. Send my heartfelt thanks.
  8. Prepare enough treats for everyone to take to work.
  9. Ask someone who works in the service industry how their day went.
  10. Gather or buy someone a bouquet of flowers.
  11. Let someone pass in front of you during the market.
  12. Allow one of the road users to move into your lane.
  13. Give someone a sincere compliment.
  14. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and ask how they’re doing.
  15. Even if it’s difficult, keep your opinion to yourself.
  16. Share with a neighbor the crop you have harvested in your garden.
  17. Offer help to someone who needs help with something.
  18. Offer to take care of a child or elderly relative of someone you know for a day.
  19. Share the secrets of your delicious and everyone’s favorite recipe.
  20. Tell someone why you love them.
  21. Give someone a gift for no reason.
  22. Donate books to your local library or school.
  23. Offer to drive a friend home in your car.
  24. Reward someone by telling them how talented they are.
  25. Make a sincere apology.
  26. Hug your loved one tightly.
  27. Bring tea or coffee to a colleague without their knowledge.
  28. Give someone positive feedback.
  29. Leave feedback.
  30. Tell a joke to make someone laugh.
  31. Smile at whoever you see on the road.
  32. Leave a note with an inspirational quote on a colleague’s desk.
  33. Tell someone that you are proud of them.
  34. Be with those who need it.
  35. Help someone else carry the grocery bags.
  36. Make good wishes to someone else.
  37. A slice of cake or pizza…reserve delicious treats for your loved one.
  38. Prepare a dish that your friend or family will love.
  39. Share resources that you think might be useful; articles, magazines, books, podcasts, websites, etc.
  40. Wish someone good luck.
  41. Write a letter or a nostalgic postcard to a friend or loved one.
  42. Leave a positive comment on someone’s social media account.
  43. To go with a friend, buy a movie ticket for a movie he or she likes.
  44. Ask someone if they need help with anything.
  45. Gift your friend your favorite outfit or accessory.

There are many ways to spread happiness, and as we’ve seen, it’s actually not hard at all. A small gift, a cup of coffee, a sincere note and much more can be enough to make the interlocutor happy and cheer him up. So why wait! Let’s take a small step to make the world a better place right now…

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