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3 Stages of Burnout Syndrome – Uplifers


As Sezen Aksu said;

He will surround us
The void that will never end
Everything will become meaningless in a moment,

The concept of emotional burnout, which is still under development; Although it is considered to be a situation resulting from stress at work, given today’s living conditions, it is generally believed that this concept is associated with long-term exposure to stress. We must think that situations and emotions, such as self-sacrifice and misunderstanding, feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, unhappiness and inability to concentrate, are some kind of signals for us and try to tell us something, especially in business life and emotionally.

Burnout studies have found that stressed people experience the following 3 stages:

1. Alarm phase: When a stressful situation is perceived, anxiety symptoms such as increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, tremors, and sweating begin to appear. At this stage, fight, flight or freeze responses are given. If these reactions solve the problem, the body returns to a state of equilibrium. If it does not improve, it goes into the stage of resistance.

2. Resistance phase: If our anxiety responses are not enough, the body begins to develop adaptive responses to balance the situation. So it’s starting to show us more signs. Along with these signs, the severity and duration of bodily reactions increase, and our immune system begins to deteriorate. Symptoms such as more frequent illnesses, chronic pain, loss of energy, and intolerance may occur. When we are constantly stressed, we can become angry or easily angry and ready to explode at any moment as the amount of serotonin in our central nervous system decreases. In addition to all this, there may also be problems with sleep and appetite. If the resistance stage is also insufficient, our system goes into the collapse stage.

3. Exhaustion phase: At this stage, when our system begins to break down, many diseases can arise. Psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, and psychosomatics may occur. Not only mental disorders can occur, but other diseases such as cancer can also occur. If we have been exposed to this type of stress for too long, we may have reached the point of exhaustion. At this stage, psychotherapy and social support alone may not be enough. At this stage, medical attention may be required.

I wish you a week when you can understand that you are starting to run out of steam and take action. It should not be forgotten that acceptance is the first step towards a solution.

Sometimes you just get tired
What a disgrace,
What one
what’s in love
Cemal Sureyya

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