25 Day Serenity Meditation Series


The New Year is undoubtedly a time of new beginnings for many of us. At this time, as we turn to a blank page and start writing on the front page of the 365-day notebook with new hopes, it is time to calm our We can use the power of meditation to guide In addition to Increasing our awareness, meditation is also a great tool to achieve a functional routine that helps us manage stress, regulate our emotions, and control our reactions. We have put together a series of meditations consisting of various techniques that you can use for 25 days, from which you can benefit in the coming days or at any convenient time. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time each day for 25 days. If you have time, you can extend the time for as long as you want. Here is a 25 day meditation series:

Day 1: Do the breath awareness meditation.

Natural breathing (or mindful breathing) is used in traditional yoga and mindfulness practices and aims to focus without trying to change the normal rhythm of your breathing in any way. Just focus on your breath during the five minute session. When your mind starts to wander, bring your attention back to your breath and keep repeating.

Day 2: Chant the mantra “I am calm.”

Mantras, defined as “instruments of the mind”, are internal repetitions of discourses. It helps direct the mind into a calm state of being. Repeating a soothing mantra to yourself helps to get rid of confusion in the mind. For example, you can repeat the mantra “I am calm” for 5 minutes.

Day 3: Meditate on Thanksgiving.

Gratitude meditation is a great way to reflect on all the good and wonderful things in your life. When you begin to meditate, ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?” Ask and reflect on whatever comes to mind, paying attention to your reasons for being grateful. As you do this, breathe slowly and feel your gratitude deep in your heart.

Day 4: Try metta meditation for loved ones

One type of meditation, traditionally called metta, refers to being kind to others. With Metta, you can send positive energy to your loved ones. All you have to do is imagine your loved one during meditation and wish them all the best. This type of meditation is also known as loving-kindness meditation. The goal is to wish health and well-being to your loved ones, as well as to yourself.

Day 5: Focus on your most patient state with visualization meditation.

Visualization or imagery is one of the great ways to connect with what you want to feel the most, manifest your desires, make your dream come true in your life. Imagining the most patient version of yourself can make you feel better, especially when you’re going through a tough time or having a bad day. Focus on your patience for 5 minutes and keep this technique in mind for the rest of the day or later.

Day 6: Breathe longer than your breaths

Just as you focused on your natural breathing, bring your attention back to your breath and this time lengthen your exhalations. Make sure your inhale is longer than your inhale. This practice signals to your brain that it is safe to relax and strengthens your nervous system. As far as you can, try to hold your breath for one or two counts longer than your breath. Inhale four times, exhale five times, or repeat as many times as you like.

Day 7: Chant the mantra “I am at peace.”

Bring peace to your mind and prepare it for new beginnings by repeating the “I am at peace” mantra during meditation. Keep repeating for 5 minutes and discover the possibilities of peace and tranquility in your life.

Day 8: Appreciate your body by saying “I’m grateful for my legs, my arms…”

Introduce; What can you be grateful for your body today? Your legs that get you where you want to go, our nervous system that helps you sleep, your heart that protects you… When you list the reasons you can be grateful for your body, you will see that this wide a smile has a warm effect on your face. will spread throughout the body.

Day 9: Chant the mantra “Happiness… be with it.”

Begin your meditation practice by thinking of a loved one who may need some extra love and attention in your life. You can think of a friend who is going through a difficult time, a family member who has gone through a bad event, or a loved one who has gone through a loss. Imagine him and repeat the mantras to make him happy: “I want him to be happy, happiness will be with him.”

10 days: ‘Chant the mantra “My dream life looks like…

Imagine that you have a day in the life of your dreams. Meditation for yourselfMy dream life looks like this … “ start with the words and then let your mind visualize every detail as if you were watching a movie: Where are you, who are you with, what are you doing? revive them all.

Day 11: Count to 4 as you inhale and exhale.

Counting your breaths is an effective way to bring your attention back to the present moment, especially during times of high stress. Count to four as you inhale and exhale. And repeat as many times as you want. Inhale and exhale through your nose, if possible. With this breathing technique, you can achieve deep relaxation by stimulating the vagus nerve.

Day 12: Chant the mantra “I am supported”

Start your meditation with the mantra “I am supported.” In this way, you can remind yourself that you are not alone and that the support you need is right there with you, especially when you are going through difficult times and you can deal with stress.

13th day: Be grateful for meaningful relationships in your life

For today’s meditation, think of all the people you love in your life. Think about what their presence means to you and how they improve the quality of your life. When the meditation is complete, be sure to keep that feeling of gratitude for the rest of the day. If you like, after you finish your meditation, you can call the person you care about and with whom you have a meaningful relationship and tell them how important they are to you.

Day 14: Do a metta meditation for someone you don’t know.

Just like the “metta” in the 4th day meditation, this time it’s time to send love, health and beautiful energy to someone you don’t know. Maybe it’s the neighbor you smile at, maybe the barista you’re having your morning coffee with, or the first person you think of is the one you’ll focus on during your meditation. When you close your eyes, you can bring the person to life and repeat the mantra “Let everything go smoothly.”

15 days: ‘The most peaceful state of my day is…” chant the mantra

Incorporate the visualization technique into your meditation to promote calmness and prepare your mind by saying to yourself, “The most peaceful state of my day…looks like this.” You can enjoy peace of mind by filling in the gaps in your mind.

Day 16: Focus on your breathing by holding your breath for a few seconds.

Bring your attention to your breath, as you did the previous days. Take a deep breath through your nose and hold your breath for a few seconds when you reach the deepest point (as far as you can stand). Then exhale completely. When you reach the end of the breath, hold your breath again for a few seconds and then inhale again and repeat the same steps as many times as you like.

Day 17: Chant the “I trust” mantra.

Use the mantra “I trust” for meditation today. Let this mantra soothe any insecurities you may be experiencing in your life right now, relax your mind and bring peace to the situation. As you meditate, repeat to yourself “I believe.”

Day 18: Be grateful for the abundance in your life.

Invite abundance into your meditation. Abundance doesn’t just mean money; This can happen in different ways in different areas of your life. The food in your fridge, the trees on your street can all symbolize abundance. Focus and expand your mind as much as possible to notice the abundance in your life.

Day 19: Send your love to the place that matters to you

While it may seem a bit odd at first, if you think that places matter to just about everyone, it might make sense to send your love somewhere. While meditating, you can think of a city, country, or home that influences you, where you feel good, about which you think there is a connection between you that matters to you, with which you have a deep resonance, and you can make good wishes to this place.

Day 20: Take a Mind Walk

While we all know that nature has healing powers, we can’t always find the time to be alone with nature. But this does not prevent us from connecting with nature. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to go for a walk in the forest, you can invite nature into your meditation and imagine that you are walking in your favorite place, jogging by the sea, or lying on the grass in the forest.

Day 21: Optimize your inhales and exhales.

In your meditations in the previous days, you have separated the breath and the exhalation; this time it’s time to merge. Connect inhalations and exhalations during meditation; easily and effortlessly optimize your airways and eliminate the pause between them. Let your breath flow in a continuous cycle. Apply for at least 5 minutes.

Day 22: Chant the mantra “I am loved.”

Begin by adding the mantra of love to your meditation: “I am loved.” Remind yourself that you are truly loved, that you are surrounded by people who appreciate you, that you are worthy of love. And repeat this mantra in your mind as many times as you like.

day 23: ‘Chant the “thank you for…” mantra in my house

Whatever you are grateful for in your home, focus on it during your meditation. Maybe your comfortable sofa, warm blankets, or a peaceful landscape… Think about all of this and be grateful for your home, for everything in it, and even for everyone.

Day 24: Chant the mantra “Everyone feels free.”

As you near the end of your 25 day meditation program, broaden your perspective and move away from the individual to a more universal approach. I wish freedom to all beings. Consider them in your meditation for birds, for street animals, for all living beings that come into your mind to feel free.

Day 25: Visualize your most peaceful state of rest.

You came on the last day! You are spreading your love by sending positive energy to yourself, your loved ones and all beings every day for 25 days. Now is the time to imagine the perfect, relaxing vacation, no matter what obstacles you encounter along the way. Visualize a peaceful day. Imagine that moment when you yourself rested and rested, maybe on the seashore, maybe on a sailboat. Let your mind move towards the best scenario.

As you live through the first days of the new year, you can rest your body and mind, maintain your well-being, and open yourself up to new and fresh beginnings. Remember that you can choose to meditate for each day, returning to the beginning at any time.

Stay with love…

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source: wellandgood

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