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The atmosphere in our homes, where we spend most of our time, has a decisive influence on our overall well-being. We cannot feel good in suffocating colors, gloomy furniture, or a dirty living room. Or you can say that there is no good in writing something on a cluttered table or trying to move through cramped furniture. In fact, decoration in our living spaces can influence our moods, moods and emotions. While a quiet home environment provides peace, mixed, messy and poorly designed environments can add to stress. For designers who are aware of all this, decorating is integrating with wellness and there are many wellness-supporting trends emerging. Here are the decor trends for 2023 that aim to feel good, use calm tones and elements of nature, and blow the wind back every once in a while:

Wellness Approaches

It can be seen that the concept of well-being has spread rapidly in recent years and entered into all areas of life … This also applies to decor. In 2023, decor items that open up space for mindfulness, designed to promote wellness and well-being, from sleep quality to awareness, will come to the fore.

Comfortable and functional workplaces

While some workplaces are calling their employees back to their offices after the busy days of the pandemic, remote work is still very common around the world. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important to include special working areas in the decoration of houses. Workspaces that enhance productivity, promote wellness, and provide the comfort you need to work happily are this year’s favorites.

If you want to organize your workspace in your home with decor trends 2023, you can opt for ergonomic chairs, add organizers with compartments to tidy up your desk, place green plants that will fill you with peace of mind, and use wall alcoves. , which will save space and provide the necessary storage space. To learn more, “How to create an ergonomic work environment?” You can also be inspired by our article.

Daylight extension effect

The invigorating effect of sunlight, supporting the body’s need for vitamin D, inducing positive emotions, harmonizing with the circadian rhythm and its countless benefits are critical to holistic well-being. Therefore, it is not surprising that he sets trends in decoration. With large and wide blank windows, white touches and reflective surfaces, natural light is sure to impress the scenery in 2023. Additionally, bedroom designs based on the relationship between circadian rhythms and sleep will be in the spotlight this year; If you’d like, you can also check out our Healthy Lifestyle Trends for 2023 article.

On the other hand, you can move your large furniture in front of windows that block out daylight, use light-colored tulle or curtains, and add mirrors to your décor to make the most of the light.

Extended multipurpose fields

It is a fact that when some of the concepts that have become ingrained in our lives with the pandemic, such as the work-from-home system and distance learning, increase the amount of time spent at home, spaces have begun to open up in homes to do just about anything. A study corner next to gyms prepared for working out at home, small home-style bars created in the corner of the kitchen for hanging out with friends, hobby corners set up in a separate part of the living room, and multi-purpose areas. last years are met with a slightly more luxurious approach this year. Undoubtedly, we will see innovations such as home steam rooms, saunas that can be placed in bathrooms, and home theaters equipped with the latest technology.

You can also use corners in your living spaces, create a reading area in front of a wall in your living room, or install a coffee station in your kitchen to create a multi-purpose space.

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“Cozy Touches”

Perhaps the “cozy” touches that never wear out, never lose their effect and are suitable for every home, as well as being very popular, will continue to exist in 2023. Warm, sincere, cozy and comfortable details, soft details, lines that make you feel good will dominate the interiors.

From down pillows to warm colored blankets, from shawls to handmade wall decorations, you can make additions to warm the air in your living spaces if you wish. For more information, you can also check out our article Ways to create a hygge environment in your home.

Colors inspired by nature

Haven’t we longed for open spaces and outdoor pursuits in recent years? The state of nature that supports our well-being is known, but moving away from it, we cannot attract these benefits into our lives. Architects and designers who are aware of this situation are taking steps to strengthen our connection with nature and decorate decorations with nature-inspired colors. Calm reigns in interior color trends for 2023. Peaceful blue, calm turquoise, cool tones that reflect the peaceful nature of water in the design, light lilac-purple, taking their color from lavender, green-blue mixed tones, soothing; light basil, emerald, a combination of sea and land and many others seem to bring a touch of nature into our homes.

If you want to add this trend to your decor right away, you can start by changing the color of the walls and opt for light blue or pale lavender. If you don’t want to make this change, you can add blues, greens, or earthy colors to your decoration, you can choose these colors for home textiles, or you can start by simply changing the color of your coffee mugs.

perfect flaws

In fact, “perfect flaws,” the perspective we need to have for ourselves, is taking over the scenery in 2023. It seems to be very satisfying to achieve perfection with asymmetrical furniture, original pieces, chandeliers with an unbalanced look, trapezoidal coffee tables, and many other “imperfect” items. Inspired by this jewelry trend, 2023 could be a good opportunity to put perfectionism aside.

Eco-friendly design

Sustainability, which is one of the most important issues of recent years, will also be in the design trends in 2023. Local brand products come to life in furniture made from natural materials, sustainable fabrics, stone floors, recycled items and more in décor with a sustainable approach.

If you want to adopt a more sustainable understanding of decor in your living spaces, you can add linen curtains, cotton shawls, or wooden table chairs to your decor.

indoor gardening

Who doesn’t want to have a big garden… But today and in the modernizing world, high-rise apartments are more common than detached houses with large gardens due to the effects of urbanization and crowding. However, this does not interfere with soil and plants. Just as nature-inspired colors become dominant in decorations, the power of green plants seems to guide the design.

You can bring this trend into your living spaces by adding colorful flower pots and large leafy green plants to your decor. If you’re unsure about plant care, you can take inspiration from our article Easy Care Tips for Flowers You Can Grow at Home. Or, for starters, you can take cactus plants that absorb radiation thanks to their thorns and place them near your electronic devices like computers or TVs.

liquid fields

In order to invite the ethereal element, which is one of the elements of nature, into the interior and promote well-being, the “wellness flow” stands out in decor trends. All it takes to add an element of ether to the decoration, which is between the elements of nature, such as air and fire, fire and water, water and earth, and also defines the space between everything, is to make room for action. We will see designs that open up the flow for a more positive vibe in interiors by expanding the space between furniture.

If you want to support your well-being by bringing positive energy into your home, you can breathe new life into your decor by opening up your large furniture. To learn more, don’t forget to read our article Ways to add elements of nature to your home decor.

nostalgic winds

The nostalgia that infiltrates the world of fashion from time to time and plays a decisive role in hair and makeup trends also shows up in decoration. Thanks to the nostalgic winds that will prevail in interior design this year, idyllic patterns, black and white artwork, poetic touches, wallpapers and many other details seem to be impressive. In addition, given the effect of nostalgia supporting good health and creating positive emotions, it is a good idea to make nostalgic additions suitable for decoration.

You can frame an old painting or enlarge a black and white photo and hang it on the wall. If you wish, you can add nostalgic winds to your decor by creating a nook where you can display the memories of your elders.

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curvy lines

Creases, which we have long been accustomed to seeing especially in furniture and home accessories, will be more noticeable this year. While sharp lines will give way to curved lines, oval chairs, crescent-shaped sofas and round rugs will brighten up the interior. We can say goodbye to harsh looks from mirrors to lighting, from coffee tables to nightstands. We can also use this decorating trend as an inspirational tool to maintain our well being. Maybe 2023 will be a good opportunity to soften our sharp, deep-seated and firm beliefs a bit…

If you want to bring more serenity to your home in the new year, feel better in your living spaces, and cheer yourself up by making every corner of your home functional, you can immediately start applying the decor trends that interest you.

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