20 mantras for a pleasant start to the day


Have you ever watched the first thoughts that come to your mind when you wake up in the morning? Even though we are energetic and rested most of the time when we start the day in the morning, the negative thoughts that come to our mind with vigilance can cause us to lose motivation in a very short time and think that we are bad. . enough to spend the whole day in a bad mood. Getting out of bed, exercising, going to work, and doing other chores can sometimes be very difficult. However, in fact, often it is we ourselves who make all this difficult and easy.

He constantly repeats that Monday is bad, it’s too early to play sports, work is too boring; We constantly make excuses or complain about things we should do, do, and want to do. However, the only thing that all these negative thoughts give us more stress!

We can’t enjoy the moments we live by constantly complaining from Monday to Friday and looking forward to weekends or holidays. Instead, we need to make it a habit to live life, enjoying every moment of it. The most important way to achieve this is to change our morning routine.

It has a history going back about 3000 years in India. mantra traditionconsists of words for meditation, repeated silently or aloud. Mantras have been used throughout history to bring about change and transformation. Today it is used in modern societies to change people’s point of view. We have put together mantras that you can add to your morning routine and make the whole day more energetic, happy, productive and motivated:

1. Today I choose to be happy.

2. I am able to provide myself with confidence, support, abundance, health, happiness and everything I need.

3. I allow myself to flow with confidence and love.

4. I accept everything that I cannot change.

5. I am love, the vibration of my essence and soul consists of love.

6. I can do something good for someone’s life.

7. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I’m content with what I have.

8. I am very lucky to be alive and breathing.

9. I can be happy, I can be healthy, I can be creative, I can be joyful.

10. Thank you for everything I have and for every experience in my life.

11. I just try my best.

12. I breathe in joyfully and energetically, I breathe out with wisdom and peace.

13. I am stronger than my excuses.

14. I focus on being happy and peaceful, not on being right.

15. I am aware that what makes me different from others is what makes me “me” and that I am unique.

16. I focus on what I want to feel rather than what I want to achieve.

17. I trust my intuition and feelings.

18. Today I intend to become the best version of myself.

19. Everything I seek is not outside, but inside me.

20. I forgive everyone, starting with myself first.

You can think about these mantras in the morning and repeat these mantras to yourself, internally or externally, as negative emotions come into your head during the day. Remember to be grateful, take deep breaths and live simply!

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