15 non-sexual intimacy ideas that will strengthen the attraction between you and your partner


Most of us may be aware of the relationship between sexuality, strengthening the bond between partners in a romantic relationship, increasing communication, increasing excitement, passion, or keeping the fire of love alive. While sexuality plays an important role in a relationship, it’s not the only way to increase attraction and rekindle arousal between partners. There are many passionate alternatives to getting closer to your partner even without sex. In fact, while some of these alternatives don’t even include physical intimacy, they strengthen the emotional bond and help heighten the attraction between you and your loved one. If you’re ready to understand each other better, strengthen your communication, and rekindle the fire of your love, here are 15 non-sexual intimacy ideas that will color your relationship and heighten the attraction between you and your partner:

write with love

Today, when even text messages turn into voice notes, it may seem like the value of writing is fading, but if you’re looking for something to rekindle the fire of your love, writing can bring new excitement to your relationship. Whether you write an erotic message during the day or a long, passionate love letter. You will see how both writing and reading romantic words are very good for your relationship.

Make art together

Hand sculpting in clay or bringing a canvas to life with oil paints can help rekindle your bond with your loved one. You can express your love with a piece of art, depict the passion between you, or create a ceramic piece that you think describes the two of you. Feel free to express your creativity and be inspired by every aspect of your love.

your long gaze

When was the last time you looked into your partner’s eyes for a long time? If you can’t remember, it was probably a long time ago… So now is the time! Find time for each other and use this time only for looks. Even turn it into a competition and set a sanction for whoever catches your eye first…

pamper each other

If your partner likes to go out, join him. If he wants to enroll in painting classes, accompany him. Cook her favorite meal or order her favorite dessert on the way home. Knowing each other’s favorite things and incorporating them into your relationship will help strengthen the intimacy between you and make you feel much better about yourself. Make sure you have enough time to pamper each other.

Share your fantasies

You don’t have to think completely outside of sex when you’re trying forms of intimacy other than sex; You can keep talking about it. Discuss your fantasies, ask each other questions, be open, don’t be shy, and share things that will increase the attraction between you and bond you even more. You can be sure that both of you will enjoy these conversations. Moreover, the pleasure of discovering your deepest desires will make both of you happy…

Play truth or dare

Try adding a few things you want to try in the “action” category and what you want to know about your partner in the “truth” category, and add a new dimension to the Truth or Dare game we all know. With every question, every answer, and every action, you will feel a little closer…

massage each other

How about getting to know each other better through romantic touch? You can have a good time and strengthen your relationship by massaging each other with your partner. You can explore your bodies, catch the touch your loved one loves, and feel the closeness between you while comforting each other. Give yourself into each other’s hands and focus only on the attraction between you. You can be sure that you will feel much better.

cook together

Surely there is something in cooking that awakens passions. Especially if you’re cooking your favorite recipes… The rising heat of the stove and oven can also rekindle the fire of your love. You can try effective aphrodisiac recipes together, or you can bring passion to the kitchen by tasting from each other’s hands. Aphrodisiac effect: You may be interested in our article on recipes that will increase your libido on a flat wall.

Share Music

Music, from lyrics to addictive melodies, can connect with your soul and help you connect with the person you love. You can create weekly playlists with your partner, send romantic songs to each other throughout the day, share your comments on tracks and talk about the feelings that he awakens in you. This simple exchange will strengthen the bond between you and make you feel much better while listening to the songs. What’s more, with each song, you may feel like you’re connecting more deeply with your partner.

let’s Dance

Just as music has a unifying side, so does dance… Maybe a live cha-cha-cha, maybe a romantic tango, it can be not only a pleasant exercise, but also sincere communication. Whether you move freely and flexibly in the lobby of your home or sign up for a dance class. Hugging each other will make both of you feel much more connected.

wish each other well

You can strengthen your relationship by sharing good wishes with your loved one even for a few minutes every day. Whether you talk about your wishes that will make her very happy, dream about the future of your relationship, or pray for each other. You will see that every good desire in your heart will bring you closer to each other.

Solve the puzzle together

By solving a puzzle with your partner, you can warm your hearts and get closer while stimulating your mind. If you don’t like puzzles, you can also consider alternatives like crosswords, sudoku, or lego. You will be surprised when you see how to solve problems together and go to the result step by step hand in hand.

wash each other’s hair

Yes, it may have sounded a little strange when you first read this. But your hesitation will be left behind when you stroke your loved one’s hair. You will feel closer to each other than ever before and you will feel that the attraction between you grows stronger with every drop of water. Not to mention the feeling of being in a movie scene…

sleep with hugs

How would you like to snuggle up to your loved one and have a warm and romantic dream? Trusting each other enough to just sleep together can be incredibly intimate, oddly romantic 😊 What’s more, scientific studies show that there are many positive aspects to sleeping together. If you’d like, you can check out our article on the quality of sleep of couples who sleep together, according to scientific research.

Try couple yoga

If you’re wondering what it’s like to act together, benefit from each other’s physical and mental strength, and relax at the same time, you can try couple yoga to feel closer and strengthen your relationship. You can enroll in a course or practice your own from the comfort of your home. If you wish, you can find many resources on the Internet or be inspired by the video below:

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