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15 Effective Celebrity Beauty and Makeup Tricks


Celebrities should always look perfect. That is why they often resort to interesting makeup and cosmetic tricks. Most of these techniques can be easily applied in everyday life. We have a lot to learn from celebrities and their makeup artists. We have collected for you the beauty secrets of 15 celebrities. Let’s look at the details together.

1. Kate Winslet changes her foundation depending on her menstrual cycle.

World famous star Kate Winslet generally prefers minimal makeup. However, one of the indispensable attributes of the actress is foundation, which is the basis of makeup. Winslet uses different foundation colors on different days of her menstrual cycle. Since her skin is smoother at the beginning of the cycle and reddened in the middle, the beautiful actress mixes different tones. It made so much sense to us! If your menstrual cycle is heavily affecting your skin, you can use products with different tones and coverage on different days.

2. Blake Lively takes care of the light


It’s almost impossible to see Blake Lively, who we know from Gossip Girl, with bad makeup. Because the actress always puts on makeup in a light close to the sun. Thus, it looks beautiful in any condition.

3. Ashley Graham shapes her eyebrows with hair products.


Finding the right brow shaping product can be tricky. But Ashley Graham has a hidden secret. Gel for straight hair! It is definitely much more affordable and long lasting than other brow products. When you buy an eyebrow brush, it becomes inedible!

4. Selena Gomez applies mascara with tweezers


“How?” We hear you speak. Let’s explain it this way. Spider-leg lashes, once disliked by us, are very popular these days. To achieve this effect, Selena Gomez first applies mascara to her eyelashes, and then tweezers. Then she glues a few eyelashes.

5 Margot Robbie Wears 2 Different Blushes At The Same Time


Margot Robbie loves to use blush for a fresh and rested look. That’s why she uses 2 different blushes to get the maximum effect. Immediately after applying makeup to the skin, she highlights her cheekbones with cream blush. After the make-up is done, she puts on some blush and the look is gorgeous!

6. Adriana Lima makes an avocado hair mask at home.


Adriana Lima, one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, uses an avocado hair mask to keep her hair beautiful. The model mixes fruit pulp with conditioner and applies it to her hair once a week.

7. Charlize Theron also uses emu oil for her hair.


Emu is an oil extracted from the subcutaneous fluid of the Australian ostrich. Considered a natural remedy for hair health. Charlize Theron also often massaged her hair with this oil.

8. Freida Pinto rubs Vaseline on her eyelids.

Freida Pinto uses Vaseline, not eye shadow, to make her eyes shine. The actress also swears that this product is better than any eye shadow. It may be perfect for a nice wet look, but Vaseline is oily and will weigh down your eyelids.

9. Halle Berry puts lipstick on her lips and then wipes it off.

When Halle Berry wanted to give her lips a natural color, she first painted her lips with red lipstick, then wiped it off and applied a transparent lip gloss on it.

10. Gwen Stefani mixes lipsticks

Gwen Stefani is known for her bold red lipsticks. However, the famous singer wore multiple lipsticks on top of each other to achieve this iconic look. By the way, Marilyn Monroe often used this makeup trick in her time.

11. Isla Fisher heats up her eyelash curler

Fischer heats the curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds before curling his lashes. If you have straight or hard-to-curl lashes, this simple trick is for you. But be very careful because our eyelids are very sensitive. You may accidentally get burned.

12. Eva Mendes adds a bronzer to her moisturizer.

To make her skin look like it glows from within, Eva added a few drops of bronzer to her moisturizer and applied the mixture to her face. This simple trick saves the actress on those days when she doesn’t want to put on too much makeup. A slightly damp image looks very natural. You can do the same technique with powder bronzer, just be careful not to skip settings.

13. Jessica Alba applies cream products in one go.

Jessica Alba has a lot of beauty tricks. She learned one of them from makeup artist Chloe Morello. First, she applies the cream in small dots all over her face, then sprays the make-up fixer, and then spreads it with a sponge or brush. Thus, all products are intertwined and a very natural result is obtained.

14. Salma Hayek contours the legs

And here is the perfect trick from Salma Hayek! The famous actress applies liquid highlighter to her calves. So her legs look more slender and slim.

15. Amanda Seyfried sleeps with a band-aid on her face.

Amanda Seyfried puts triangular tape on her forehead every evening to smooth out wrinkles. Recently, this trick has become quite popular on TikTok. Alternatives have already begun to arrive in our country.

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