12 ambitious and bright nail art trends for the winter months


Art and beauty are often confused with each other. However, when you consider them together, the topic somehow shifts to talking about nail art. Nail art designs that reflect your style, personality or mood and have unlimited design ideas have become one of the iconic fashion looks of almost every season. With advances in technology, the nail art of your dreams can still be created with nail art devices by talented manicurists, no matter how flamboyant and extreme they may be.

Below we’ve rounded up creative nail looks, from minimalist ideas to 3D touches. If you want to grab attention with your nails for the winter of 2023, let’s jump right into our list of trends, what do you say? Before you sign up for your next manicure session, be sure to check out this list.


Celebrity nail artist and educator Mimi Dee describes the French ombre as a classic all year round. These cool nails that offer a clean and crisp look are one of the most popular winter nail art designs. You can achieve this look by adding a touch of glitter and a manicure line and embellishing it with gems if you like.

2. Diamond coated appearance

According to Britney Boyce, popular nail artist and founder of Nails of La, bright nail tips will reign throughout winter 2023. Whether it’s short nails or long nails, Boyce notes that we’ll see plenty of jewelery set with stones and diamonds throughout the season. Moreover, he adds that combinations of jewelry and accessories for nail art will also become popular.

3. Bright and sugary look

The glitter donut is one of Hailey Bieber’s most popular nail art designs of late. Sand Spa co-founder Megan Richardson-Tiernan believes this style of heated manicure will remain popular throughout the winter. Perfect for a cool glow, this look can be paired with browns, greens, and reds.

4. Classic French manicure

Staying true to the ’90s revival, popular nail artist Rita Remarque says, “French manicure is back in great shape.” These nails, which are paired with classic clean, white and pink tones, seem to be favorites of winter’s popular nail art lists.

5. Patent leather and clear finish

Nail designer Boyes says this is now signaling that shorter, natural shapes paired with rich, bold and ultra-bright colors will be everywhere in winter 2023. These eye-catching nail designs are minimalist and monochromatic. Risk-free, stylish and almost like patent leather tips, this nail art model will be one of the coolest winter 2023 looks! You can try applying a few more coats of nail polish to achieve this effect.

6. Abstract art

Manicurist Tiernan emphasizes that winter nail design requires a bit of artistic work. Don’t you think that the reflection of abstract and creative art on the nails is amazing! Graphic nail art creates a different nail look by combining various pastel colors with bright lines.

Thus, one of the trends of 2023 is manifesting. Abstract art nail art models, which are also very popular on social media, are already making it clear that they will be one of the favorite models of 2023.

7. Appearance white chrome


If you love a flawless manicure, Mimi D. says you’re in luck because milky white cream nails aren’t going away anytime soon and they’re reaching the peak of popularity! Mimi D. explains that these nails, which she describes as “a design that looks good on everyone and fits all nail lengths,” will be very popular in winter 2023. You can use this manicure alone or add one or two snowflakes to reflect the winter weather on your nails!

8. Minimalist touches

According to the manicurist Remarque, discreet pebbles, shiny sequins and other details will define the look this winter. Imagine elegant and minimalistic touches on your nails. We’ve seen a lot of intense nail art this fall, but sometimes less is more. This type of nail expresses just that. You can achieve a sophisticated look with a clean manicure and tiny touches.

9. Metallic breeze


Another model that will forever become a classic among nail art images can be metallic chrome! Metallic breeze, which is one of the most preferred touches, especially in winter, can add a striking vibe to your winter combinations. A nail look embellished with spikes and chains will also be a source of inspiration for your style. Yes, it might sound a bit rebellious, let’s face it, but this look that makes nails look like jewels would be a great nail idea for the winter months, right!

10. Velvet inspiration

Recently, we have seen an increase in the popularity of velvet looks. According to nail artists, candy-like ultra-reflective glitters shine almost at any time of the year. These cool nails that look like they’ll really take over winter 2023 are a very ambitious idea for an icy and futuristic look! These combinations, especially worked out in gray tones, harmonize with almost any combination.

11. The nobility of black and white


Several contrasting manicure options and black and white colors point to one of the winter months’ most casual and stylish looks. According to manicurist Boyce, this mode can display the combination of colors in a more streamlined design. Said to dominate winter 2023 nail art, these risk-free nails are some of the easiest nail art designs to prepare.

12. Hellenistic view


We round out our list of winter 2023 nail looks with Hellenistic style. Golden yellow and glitter models, one of the favorite textures of nail artists, seem to be very popular this season. This kind of nails, which will add a fun vibe to your combination, will be quite common in the winter of 2023. This model, which you can decorate with micro sequins or other details, is ambitious enough to help change your mood throughout the day!

You can find pastel-inspired nail art looks here.

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