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10 Unknown Benefits of Elimination


Have you ever thought that the physical, spiritual and mental problems you are facing could be related to a food or food group that you have never thought of?

“Summer makes you look out the door and you are destroyed.” If you think that your problem is only weight, then let’s talk again after you feel physical, mental and spiritual relaxation 🙂 liquidation; by relaxing your digestive system, it gives us a formula that allows us to spend energy not on digestion, but on healing and regeneration. This forces you to look for the source of your problems other than weight gain and loss. For example:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • digestive problems
  • gain weight not lose weight
  • little energy
  • Depression
  • Skin problems, itching, sagging
  • Joint muscle pain
  • Forgetfulness

During my pre-menopausal period, I felt some of these problems with my bones and some of them hurt less. When I decided to give up food by changing my lifestyle, I felt that there were more on the list of prohibited foods than on the list of useful ones. Let me admit that when I look at gluten, dairy, processed foods, acidic drinks, what I should be avoiding, I’m not a big fan of restrictive diets. “Oh, I’m sure I’ll be hungry and miserable” I thought and got worried.

However, now I can easily say that elimination is not the same as diets that allow you to lose 3 kilograms in 3 days. In an elimination nutrition program, it is not high-calorie foods that are reduced, but foods with possible allergies, anti-inflammatory foods, foods with possible intolerances, and foods that can be sources of histamine. In this process, we begin to read signals from our body when we remove certain foods from our plate.

HOWEVER!! The most powerful organ in the body is the brain. Let’s not forget that the brain is lazy and selfish 🙂 It always leads you to despair and doubts about its necessity. Let me tell you, be careful, show me who’s boss. Is it easy? What is easy? EVERYTHING IS COMPLICATED, AS SIMPLE. To add new habits to life effort, desire and perseverance You know you should.

Immanuel Kant has a motivating quote:‘3 gifts were given against the hardships of life. Hope, sleep and laughter. Please include all 3 in your elimination.

As you continue for 15 to 21 days, you begin to change the gut map and the brain map. YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT: The intestines are updated in 2-4 days.. Within a week, the bad cells in your gut are destroyed and new healthy cells begin to multiply. Since 70% of the immune system is located in the gut, a problem there increases your resistance to disease exponentially. Again, if 95% of the hormone serotonin is produced in our intestines, our happiness – in fact, the cause of our unhappiness – may be due to neglecting the health of our intestines.

In elimination, I think we should follow a slightly different path if you are pre-menopausal/menopausal. Feeding your fluctuating hormones should be your priority. To enhance its effect, I recommend eating it while following the sun during circadian-friendly hours.

Elimination, which is useful in menopause, can be called the upper version of elimination. Some of the nutrients you add during menopause reduce the negative effects of hormones that complicate your daily life, lower your quality of life, affect your mental health, and begin to become unbalanced after your 40s.

For example, flaxseed is a very strong source of estrogen. However, all the healing properties of flaxseed are hidden in it. For this reason, let’s consume 1 tablespoon of flaxseed per day, either by soaking it in 1 coffee cup of water for 15 minutes and then consuming it or crushing or crushing it with a pestle. When you consume it whole, it goes into the stomach without being crushed because you don’t chew it well. When the stomach acid can’t completely break down the semen, most of it is passed directly through the stool before it can heal.

Menopausal elimination had some positive results that I did not expect:

  1. Almost on the 3rd day of my start, my swelling significantly decreased.
  2. My skin began to glow.
  3. While I thought I would be more tired, in the morning I got up very energetic and continued in the same spirit all day.
  4. I don’t need to fast to lose weight. When I ate the right food was more important than how much I ate.
  5. Making a meal plan and organizing it ahead of time has helped me become more disciplined in other areas of my life as well.
  6. Water, water, water was the source of my happiness.
  7. Although it is useful, I often resort to snacking, I realized this. Although I have now stopped highlighting the menopause, I eat well until I am full and do not snack between meals.
  8. One positive change led to many positive changes. Not only did my female hormones balance out, but my stress and sleep hormones as well.
  9. I saw that the process of advancing is just as important as the process of eliminating menopause. I learned to listen to my body well, introducing each new food separately. Now after every meal I give myself 15 minutes to see if I feel good.
  10. The positive changes I’ve made to my diet have had a natural effect, inspiring me to exercise more, take more time to take care of myself, and enjoy every day.

My last piece of advice during the elimination meal plan process; Exclude not only products, but also unhealthy people, situations and behavior.

On my web page www.pelinbilgic.com you will find comprehensive information and suggestions that will make a difference in your situation in my video and file in my Pelin Menopause Elimination training.

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