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10 red flags people realize too late


While some moments, some days, seem like they’ve never gone by, “time” actually flies really fast. As soon as we saw, months, years and “Oh, where are those days…” or “Now it’s past us…” such reproaches began … Is it a life dedicated to thinking about the past or worrying about the future, or is it a life in which we live in the “moment”, where we give every second we deserve? What will be your choice? Undoubtedly, we all want to live to the fullest, enjoy every moment, collect good memories for ourselves, continue to develop and grow …

So there is no need to spend more time trying to understand something. Let us no longer delay to see and take seriously the truths that many of us realize too late. If you’re ready, let’s get started: here are 10 red flags that people guess too late…

“Real life does not pass between the moments of birth and death. Your real life is between the present moment and your next breath.”

The true value of life is not in the time from birth to death, but between the present moment and the next breath. The “moment” we are in right now is the most precious time of which real life is made. So live every moment fully, lovingly, peacefully, fearlessly and without regrets. And at this moment, try to do your best, using all the possibilities available to you; because that’s all you can/should expect from anyone, including yourself.

You may be wondering: Why is it so important to live in the present moment?

“Life is not as long as you think. Tomorrow is limited. Whatever you have yet to do, start doing it today.”

There is a constant flow of life and there is no return to the past. Eighty years are not guaranteed to anyone. Or 90, or 100… We don’t know how long we’ll live, maybe much less. It is important to remember that our tomorrow is limited. Instead of postponing our future, we should start today what we need to do. We must not miss the time to activate our passions and realize our dreams. Take action right now.

“The sacrifices you make today will pay off in the future. May your dreams be greater than your fears.”

The steps we take today lay the foundation for our future success. Sacrifice and overcoming hardships will bring us great rewards in the future. Believe in it and strive for it. Otherwise, if you let your fears get the better of you, you will be trapped in a life you don’t want. Work, work harder if you have to, work hard and build the life you want with your own hands. Nothing is served on a golden platter, once you put in the effort, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor.

“When you procrastinate, you become a victim of yesterday. But when it’s active and productive, it’s like a friend who helped take a burden off your back yesterday.”

Imagine; What do you get when you procrastinate? Is it a big relief or a big worry? Could you regret more tomorrow? Probably yes … So do not hesitate; Don’t choose to be a victim of yesterday. Act, time is much less than we think …

“Failures are just lessons.”

Failure is a great opportunity to learn from the difficulties we face in life! Every failure is a step towards growth and development. Remember: Good things come to those who do not lose hope even when they are disappointed. Everyone makes mistakes, let yourself be, learn from your mistakes and keep learning along the way.

“The most valuable relationship is the relationship between you and ‘you’. So develop a relationship with yourself.”

“I am enough, I am worthy, I am strong, I am good, I am great, I am successful…” Do you say these phrases to yourself? We all want to be loved, appreciated, accepted, but do we do all this for ourselves? The most important thing is the relationship that you establish with yourself. Therefore, value yourself, love yourself, show compassion and respect, most importantly, you are “you”. You don’t need the approval of others, validate yourself.

“Look what people are doing. His actions will tell you almost everything you need to know.”

“Ritual is business, words don’t matter.” Do you remember the word? Judge people by their actions, not by their words. Their actions will show you who they really are. It’s sincere, true, well-intentioned… Be a good observer to notice them all.

“Small good deeds make the world a better place. Wherever there are people, there is an opportunity to be kind.”

Being kind is the only investment that will not fail in the short or long term! Take every opportunity to be kind, even if it’s just a slight smile. Small but loving actions are powerful tools that can change the world. Recognize them and seize the opportunities that come your way.

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“Perfect people do not exist. Behind every beautiful life is precious pain.”

Sometimes when you look at the current positions, achievements and positions of some people, “wow!” Do you think they get something very easily or are they very lucky? So change your point of view a little. Success doesn’t come easy, there are only invisible problems. Rest assured, behind what seems to be a “perfect” life lies precious pain experienced in the process of learning and growing… This can apply to your own life as well as to the lives of others.

“Time and experience heal any pain. There is no need to rush.”

Maybe the “painful” situation that you find yourself in today or even right now may seem like it will last forever … But believe me, it is not. Every pain that seems like it will never end while life has an end. Remember this lyric from Mabel Matiz: Our duty is to live remembering, but you will die if you don’t forget… By learning from every experience and trusting the passage of time, we can all ease the pain and move forward on our journey. To learn about the healing power of time, you can also be inspired by our article: “Is time the cure for all pain?”

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