10 Most Famous Joseph Pilates Quotes and Their Philosophy: Part 2


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6. “A few well-thought-out movements, performed in a correct and balanced sequence, are equivalent to hours of sloppy exercise and forced stretching.”

With this statement, Joseph Pilates emphasized the harm, not the benefit, of forced exercise methods that are performed without considering important details such as the age, movement history, and ability of the person who will be exercising. However, he states that it is the quality of balanced and center-oriented exercises that should be considered, not the quantity. Available football, basketball, etc. It is no coincidence that the players of major sports clubs such as Pilates began to include Pilates in their training systems.

7. “Breathing is the first and last act of life. Our lives depend on it.”

Joseph Pilates used some breathing techniques in his method to balance blood pressure, stretch tight muscles, and activate muscles that help straighten our posture. When you breathe properly, your heart, which carries oxygen to your organs, gets less tired, it becomes easier to cope with stress, the quality of sleep improves, and you can prevent many diseases. Although nasal breathing is ideal for your Pilates exercises, if this method is initially difficult for you, you can use the nose and mouth method, and as your breathing capacity increases, you can open up space to switch to the ideal method.

8. “Controlology is not just a system of arbitrary exercises designed to pump up muscles.”

With this statement, Joseph Pilates drew attention to the part of the control system that he applied, not in relation to bodybuilding, but in relation to a healthy lifestyle. The most important feature that distinguishes Pilates from exercises such as fitness and bodybuilding is that it works thin and deep muscle groups rather than large muscle groups. It aims to activate deep muscle groups much more slowly and with greater concentration. When only large muscle groups are trained without deep muscle groups, imbalances and injuries can occur in the body. However, when the core muscles and deep muscles around the spine are worked with Pilates, your spine becomes straight and strong. This means health.

9. “Focus on the right moves every time you exercise, or you’ll misplace them and lose all vital benefits.”

Joseph Pilates talks about the importance of choosing the right movements to restore spinal health. To prevent the inactivity and posture you are accustomed to, you must make sure that muscle memory is restored through correct movements that must be applied regularly. Over time, this muscle memory will become automatic again as part of your life, leading you to perfect posture and reflecting balance in your life. Instead of consciously and effortlessly slouching, your body will tend to stand up straight, which is its own nature.

10. “Civilization destroys the physical form.”

The negative impact of some of the advantages of modern life, such as the use of computers, tablets, phones, the use of elevators instead of stairs, and the use of cars instead of walking short distances, on posture and blood circulation cannot be eliminated. discussed thanks to technology. Be aware of these effects, understand that you have the opportunity to reverse the momentum by making the almost 100-year-old Joseph Pilates Method a part of your modern life, and act.

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