10 Most Famous Joseph Pilates Quotes and Their Philosophy: Part 1


I wanted to enlighten you about Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates, which was developed in the early 20th century and has gained a reputation for its exercises today, is being used by physical therapists, and is being prescribed by psychiatrists. except for orthopedists. By explaining to us the importance of physical strengthening through his exercises, J. Pilates proves to us what a good thinker he is through the philosophical information he conveys to the trainers he taught in his books and himself. You may have experience working in a Pilates studio related to his exercise methodology. However, in this article, let’s take a look at the 10 most famous sayings and the philosophy behind them. You can find different meanings of words. I hope you share what you found.

1. “Pilates is a complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”

In a Pilates-based workout (concentration, control, centering, flow, precision, breathing), breathing comes into play and touches the soul. In order for all the muscles of the body to work in balance, you must also engage your mind. Otherwise, if you do not have the coordination of all three components, you are not quite Pilates. For this reason, he calls his method “control,” arguing that absolute happiness will shine within us when we achieve a balance between these three.

2. “A man is young, like his spine.”

According to Joseph Pilates, the spine was the key to bodily health. “If your spine is stiff at 30, you’re old; if it’s flexible at 60, you’re young.” He reinforces this thesis with a separate saying. The focus is on developing back and abdominal muscles to support the spine and breathing to improve posture. Studies have shown that the activity of the 7 main chakras, which are located on the spine in parallel with this information, means that your life energy is flowing in a healthy way. Since limiting the mobility of your spine will reduce your vitality, he recommends that you do Pilates exercises to feel younger and more energized.

3. “Change comes with movement, and movement heals.”

Today, as the amount of weight-bearing desk work increases, your muscular system takes on a shape that elongates your neck muscles, hunching over to accommodate desk work. When you remain inactive, your circulation slows down. All these problems, combined with stressful working conditions, cause physical illnesses. Joseph Pilates sheds light on the fact that he needs to change through Pilates and that it is very important to change his posture. How about seeing that when you strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine by focusing on individual movements, healing comes along with it?

4. “Every blacksmith of his own happiness.”

Joseph Pilates, who has struggled with the problems of rickets and asthma since birth, has done a lot of research to become happy by overcoming these problems in his life. He met many applications, such as With his own method, which he began to develop in the POW camps where he was sent during the First World War, he became a light for thousands of sick people and soldiers. After that, he led a happy life until the age of 87, regularly applying a method of control, which he brought to the last point in America. Thus, he proved to us through his actions that the method to overcome the negativity that people experience is to be disciplined and stable in life.

5. “In ten sessions you will feel better, in twenty sessions you will look better, and in thirty sessions you will have a whole new body.”

With this word, Joseph Pilates sheds light on the fact that the technique he created will lead a person to the goal step by step. He claimed that he derived the best exercise management from a combination of many of the workouts that he used and applied since childhood, and as a practitioner of this method completed his whole life with perfect posture and muscle structure. Just like a baby first crawls, then walks, then runs, this means that with regular Pilates, you will first feel good, then look good, and then complete your change.

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