10 fashion rules that seemed right to us, but are now history


Fashion has changed a lot over the years. We now wear sneakers with dresses, heels with tracksuits. Some people believe that in order to look stylish, they must literally follow the rules of fashion. But in fact, beauty and fashion are relative. Sometimes rules have to be broken. Here in this article, we will tell you about 10 fashion rules that everyone once followed, but which no longer apply.

1. You cannot use different accessories at the same time.

Stylists generally do not recommend wearing multiple accessories. There is a 1:1 rule in the fashion world. This rule means that you must wear no more than 1 of all the accessories you will use. That is, you should not wear more than one ring or bracelet at the same time.

Although this rule makes you look stylish and modest, it can be said that it no longer applies. If you want to create a spectacular and catchy look, feel free to use different accessories and colors together.

2. Vertical lines look weaker


You’ve probably heard that vertical wrinkles make you slimmer and taller. However, scientists have shown that this is not entirely true. Scientist Hermann von Helmholtz discovered an illusion when a square of horizontal lines appears taller and wider than the same square of vertical lines. And this was confirmed during the experiment on three-dimensional forms. It turned out that a person of the same body type who wears clothes with horizontal stripes looks slimmer than a person who wears clothes with vertical stripes.

3. Clothes of different styles cannot be worn together


If you think that only high heels are suitable for elegant dresses, you are very mistaken! For example, with sneakers, you can wear classic fabric trousers and a leather jacket. A denim jacket with a feminine dress, a classic jacket with a tracksuit can look great. Feel free to mix different styles!

4. When combining, you should pay attention to color harmony


Some colors, such as black and brown or fuchsia and neon, are considered unsuitable. But there is no such thing as a wrong or inappropriate color combination. You can match any color together if you know how. You can use the color wheels to add colors to your combinations and decide which colors you want to use together.

5. Short girls should not wear long skirts.


You’ve all heard about the ridiculous rule that petite girls can’t wear long skirts, it’s ridiculous! Skirts are comfortable and feminine, they can look good on any height and physique. Long skirts are very popular this year and there is a wide variety of styles, fabrics and colors to choose from. So it’s okay if you don’t meet certain growth standards. Wear what you love.

6. Those over 50 should hide their hands.


50 is the perfect age to wear whatever you want. If someone tells you that you can’t dress with open arms after 50, don’t listen to them. The main thing in fashion is to know your strengths and emphasize them when choosing clothes. If you want to show off your arms in a more stylish way, you can opt for French or 3/4 sleeves. Tops made of light flowing fabrics that do not stick to the body are also good.

7. Tracksuits are worn only for sports.


Another outdated rule is that tracksuits should only be worn while playing sports. This is definitely a thing of the past. Tracksuits are very comfortable, and one of the most important points when choosing clothes is comfort.

In addition, modern tracksuits are very different from what it used to be. You can combine many different models and types with other clothes and you can wear them wherever you want.

8. You can’t wear crop tops when you’re older.


Don’t give up crop tops just because you’ve reached a certain age. They may seem a little frivolous, but with the right fit, no one cares how old you are or what you wear. You can wear jeans, high-waisted trousers, or mid-waisted skirts with crop tops. Also, if desired, cardigans and jackets look great.

9. Don’t wear pantyhose instead of trousers.

Another prejudice against sportswear is that tights should never be worn as trousers. This statement is not entirely false. Pantyhose may not be the best option for the job as they are tight to the body and also wear out if stretched quickly so can sometimes look bad. However, durable and comfortable tights can be worn instead of trousers in everyday life. It is inedible, especially when worn with a long shirt or jacket.

10. You must wear heels to look stylish.

Dresses go well with sneakers or other flat shoes. The fashion to always wear high heels when leaving the house is long gone. Comfort has become one of the indispensable conditions of fashion.

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