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We all love well-groomed nails. However, doing a manicure and pedicure at home may not work out in time. Also, if you do not know how to do a manicure, you can seriously damage your nails. For such reasons, most people now prefer to go to nail salons. In this article, we mentioned 10 simple but important details that you should pay attention to when nail extensions. Here’s what you need to know for well-groomed and long-lasting nails…

1. Do not use moisturizer or similar skin care products before manicure.

Do not apply moisturizer to your hands the day before your manicure. Think of your skin as a sponge that absorbs the products you put on it. When you apply moisturizer the day before your manicure, your skin becomes too soft and makes the procedure difficult. In addition, creams can prevent products used during manicures from working properly on your nails.

2. Do not cut your hair before a pedicure


Waxing and other hair removal processes cause small, invisible wounds on our skin. These microscopic wounds can cause infection or irritation during a pedicure. That’s why you should definitely avoid waxing and similar applications the day before your pedicure.

3. Don’t neglect home cuticle care


The cuticle is the cuticle where your nail meets your skin. When you get a manicure or pedicure, these cuticles are cleaned with a variety of tools. If you don’t take care of your cuticles at home, these little cuticles can be difficult and painful to peel off. This is the main reason why your cuticles bleed during the procedure. You can take care of it regularly to prevent bleeding and pain. Soak your hands in warm water and then gently push back your cuticles with a wooden stick. Also, don’t forget to regularly care for your cuticles with moisturizing oils.

4. During drying, the position of your hand is important.


The drying process is very important in order for the manicure to look more beautiful and last longer. Especially at this time, you should pay attention to how you put your hand on the LED lamp. For a neat manicure, the hands should be parallel to the table. Leave your fingers alone, do not stretch your hand. This will help the gel polish spread evenly.

5. Take care of your nails!


Maybe those who wear gel polish suffer from the fact that the nails break after a while. In fact, it is not we who are to blame for this situation, but the salon performing the procedure. You must take care of your nails while doing your daily activities. For example, when pressing an elevator button, you must use the pad of your finger, not your fingernail. It can be very tempting to open products with lids like jars with long nails, but doing so will cause your nail to break immediately or cause serious damage.

6. Proper footwear prolongs the life of a pedicure

Too tight or narrow-toed shoes can ruin your pedicure! These types of shoes that put pressure on your toes can cause your nails to lose their shape and even cause ingrown toenails. To protect your nails, you should definitely pay attention to the choice of shoes.

7. Do not remove gel nails yourself

If you scrape or file off gel nail polish, you can seriously damage the surface of the nail. Removing nail polish without your knowledge means losing the top surface of the nail palette. Damaged nails take a long time to recover from their health, and applying nail polish in the process increases the damage you do to your nails. If you want to remove gel polish from your nails, you should definitely contact a professional salon.

8. Don’t Forget Your Gloves in Cold Weather

Cold weather is one of the worst enemies of your hands. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you may notice that your hands often crack during the winter months. By wearing gloves, you can reduce cold damage to your skin and nails. Also remember to wash your hands with warm water in autumn and winter. Warm water prevents hand irritation.

9. Beware of hot water!

You should avoid washing your hands with hot water for at least two days after your manicure. Gel polish needs time to properly adhere to the nail. Sudden changes in temperature can disrupt this process. To keep your nail polishes strong and long-lasting, choose as warm water as possible when washing your hands.

10. Protect your nails while cleaning


Permanent nail polishes are different from regular nail polishes. The chemicals you use while brushing can interact with the gel and thin your nails. If you want your manicure to last longer, make sure to wear gloves while cleaning, especially when washing dishes.

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