10 best places to see the northern lights in 2023


Do magical worlds come to life in your imagination at the mention of the northern lights? Unfortunately, in our country it is impossible to catch the northern lights, which offer a unique experience of watching the dance of lights, diving into completely different dreams, escaping from the reality of the world and sailing towards completely new horizons. We need to deviate our course a little “north”.

The aurora borealis, also known by various names such as the aurora borealis, aurora borealis, or solar wind, is an atmospheric phenomenon where waves of green, purple, and red light dance across the sky. And without a doubt, it is breathtaking! It is important to consider several factors in order to best capture this dance of light, which captivates all who see it and makes it hard to describe the feelings it evokes. Three main indicators are known to predict where and when the northern lights will be seen, that is, to monitor the aurora: Kp-index (Kp Index), ovation auroral (auroral rain) and solar rotation. The KP index is the most common way to predict the northern lights and is known as the planetary K-index. This is a simple scale used to measure geomagnetic activity, which is directly related to the visibility of the aurora borealis and thus a higher chance of seeing the aurora at higher latitudes. The Ovation Auroral is provided by the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center and displays a map of the northern lights forecast. Another value to consider when evaluating the aurora is the rotation of the sun, because it is the sun that creates the aurora. The northern rays, formed as a result of the collision of charged particles of the Sun with gaseous oxygen and nitrogen on Earth, differ depending on how far from the Earth this collision occurs.

According to travel experts, based on all these indicators, there are several ways to increase the chances of seeing the northern lights. This is planning a trip in September-April, observing the time of the new moon and crescent, avoiding the city and light pollution. So, where to go, how to prepare for the northern lights? In the coming days, we will provide you with a detailed guide to prepare for the Northern Lights. But if you’re looking to figure out your itinerary and perhaps prepare your plane ticket in advance, you can take note of these 10 points shared by kiwi.com’s travel experts. Here are 10 best places to catch the Northern Lights in 2023…

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